T Levels

T Levels are new courses coming in September 2020, which will follow GCSEs and will be equivalent to 3 A levels.

What are T Levels? 

T Level technical qualifications are: 

  • vocational education consisting of 
    • classroom learning (80%)  
    • an industry placement (20%) 
    • minimum level 2/GCSE level English and maths standard for those who haven’t already achieved them  
  • two-year programmes 
  • level 3 qualifications which is equivalent to 3 A Levels 
  • part of government’s push to improve technical education 

Who are T Levels for? 

They are aimed at young people aged 16-19. T Levels are post-16 qualifications and an alternative for A Levels and apprenticeships. 

When do T Levels start? 

The rollout starts September 2020 with three subject areas: design, surveying and planning for construction; digital production, design and development, and education and childcare. More to follow in future years. 

A full list of subject areas and timetable for starts is in on the government website

How does this impact workplace? 

  • Each T Level qualification includes an industry placement which lasts at least 315 hours or roughly 45 days or can last even longer. This translates to two to three months’ work placement for each student. 
  • The government incentivises employers to take on students by offering a £750 grant. There are plenty of other youth and employment schemes available so this is where employer needs to make choices on which programmes to support (traineeshipsKickstartapprenticeships etc). 
  • Because these schemes also help create future workforce the choices should be part of a larger workforce planning exercise which includes unions. 
  • Students deserve good quality placements that benefit them long term so need strong support from the employer. 
  • The employer needs to sort out health and safety, inductions and all the other processes to make sure people are safe and secure at work disregarding the length of the placement. 
  • Keeping union reps informed is the key!