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Catch up with unionlearn’s Lockdown webinar series

Unionlearn have been holding a series of webinars to support people working from home or in isolation – you can catch up with any you have missed on the Webinar page of the Learning @ Home campaign site.

Promoting union learning - a handbook

Handbook cover image

A handbook for union learning reps (ULRs) and reps involved in learning and skills, this guide is designed to be a helpful resource whether you're a recently elected or appointed rep, or have longer experience in your role.

The guide is made up of eight sections. Reps can dip in to the guide as a handy reference point, and it comes full of tips...

Learning and Skills Policy Update - May 2020

This newsletter is intended to keep unions and other stakeholders abreast of policy developments in learning and skills, including providing updates on what the TUC and unionlearn are saying on specific policy issues.

This edition includes updates on: the skills policy reforms the TUC is calling for to support the economic recovery; the latest...