Skills utilisation

Unions gather to ask 'What next for union learning in Cornwall?'

Unions will be gathering together in Redruth next month to explore what the future holds for learning and skills in Cornwall. Since August 2001, European Funding has enabled Trade Unions to make a significant contribution to the skills development of the Cornish Workforce. The South West TUC and South West Unionlearn are organising the event and...

Making the most of skills – a guide for reps


There is a consensus that supporting workers to improve their skills is essential in the pursuit of the twin aims of improving the nation's economic competitiveness and achieving greater social justice. However, in recent years the evidence has been growing that enabling individual employees to acquire new skills is only one part of the equation.

Research Paper 7 - Migrant workers in the labour market


This report highlights a series of issues related to the question of qualifications and the recognition of skills. The experience of migrants in the UK varies in relation to their different communities, histories and ethnic and cultural dimensions and this report is but a snapshot of some of the issues and initiatives emerging in relation to skills...