Technician pathways

Apprenticeships in the spotlight at Hull event

Unions and employers attended an event organised by Yorkshire and the Humber TUC and unionlearn in Hull last week to explore ways to support high quality apprenticeships in the area. Unite and GMB delegates support high quality apprenticeships at TUC / unionlearn Conference ©Private Nearly 40 delegates from across the region heard speakers and...

Unionlearn annual report 2016: Our 10 years

Supporting unions to promote access to learning and skills in the workplace and to sustain the role of workplace reps is at the heart of what unionlearn is about. It is therefore gratifying to report that over the past 12 months nearly 220,000 individuals accessed union-led learning or training and in many cases this will have proved to have been a...

London exhibition showcases the role of technicians

This week a new exhibition at London’s Mall Galleries aims to highlight the role of technicians in the workplace. Technicians Make it Happen, commissioned by The Gatsby Charitable Foundation, seeks to challenge outdated notions of who technicians are and what they do. Through photography, painting, video and artefacts, the free exhibition explores...

Prospect opens a poster competition for creative technicians

Prospect, the union which represents scientists and engineers, has taken a creative approach to building interest in professional registration. Earlier this week Prospect launched a poster competition to encourage more technicians, and those in technical roles, to demonstrate their work. The competition is open for technicians and apprentices who...

New standard for IT Technicians launched

RITTech launch, 11 November, London ©Private
RITTech launched on 11 November overlooking the Thames and the city of London. This was something I've been working towards for a long time: professional recognition and kudos for the technicians who make modern life possible, who bring it all together, the people who make it all work. I've worked...

Technician Pathways Learning Theme

A Technician Pathways Learning Theme is now available on the union learning Climbing Frame . The Climbing Frame is the website for Union Learning Reps (ULRs) and others that work with learners, designed to promote learning and support learners in the workplace. The Technician Pathways Learning Theme has been designed to raise awareness and promote...

Technician workplace survey template

This is a survey template to gauge how familiar union members are with technician registration and whether they would be interested in pursuing it further. For the survey to be most effective union learning reps (ULRs) and workplace reps are advised to circulate it with technician level cohorts including apprentices.

Technician registration and unions flyer


This is a one-page quick look flyer at who technicians are, what technician registration is and most importantly why supporting technician workforce is trade union business. The handout can printed out and used in meetings and events.