Technician Registration Toolkit

This A4, full colour toolkit is designed for union reps, officers and negotiators with technicians in their workforce.

A free resource for union negotiators and reps.


Technicians work in practical roles in science and engineering. They manage, teach, carry out research, solve problems and much more. The expansion of the technician class is vital in order to boost growth in the economy, and to ensure that the UK remains competitive in the global market.

Technicians can enhance their careers and job opportunities by gaining recognition with the appropriate professional body or institute, through a process of registration. Union reps and negotiators need to know what these bodies are and the benefits professional registration can bring, not just for the technicians themselves but for employers too.

The toolkit provides a step-by-step guide to registration, and to supporting colleagues through the process.

It is presented as an A4 printed pack of 13 loose inserts and a four-page collection of relevant case studies. The inserts can be removed and used separately to present aspects of the case for registration.

They cover:

  1. Professional registration – who it is for and how it works.
  2. A guide to the registration process – choosing a body, applying and being assessed.
  3. Eligibility checker – it's about the person and their experience, not their qualifications.
  4. Guide to standards – the Engineering Technician Standard and the Science Technician Standard.
  5. Continued professional development – keeping up skills and knowledge.
  6. Benefits of registration – for the individual, industry and the economy.
  7. Overcoming barriers to registration – how much, how long and is it for me?
  8. Apprenticeship routes to registration – and how to encourage apprentices to apply.
  9. Equalities – tips for encouraging members who are marginalised or need extra help with registration because of a disability.
  10. Preparing negotiations – taking the arguments to your employer.
  11. Action plan for reps – talking to technicians, using a model framework for registration.
  12. Checklist – a quick run-through of the most important steps.
  13. Useful contacts and resources.
  14. Case studies – Charlotte, Herbert and Valerie explain why registration was valuable for them.

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