Toolkit: Deliver

Toolkit: Deliver

Congratulations on your successful bid to ULF. So what happens next?

Once your bid has been approved you need to read, sign and keep a copy of the contract. Remember that this is what you are agreeing to comply with and deliver against, so check it carefully! Make sure that the appropriate person from your union has signed 2 copies before sending them to the ULF team who will sign and return them to you for your records. You are now ready to start work.

One of the first things you will need to do is profile your outcomes and expenditure. Over the course of the project, you’ll be asked to report against both of these so it’s important to be as accurate as you can. A member of the ULF team can provide help with this process.

As a project manager, project worker or other key member of the delivery team of the ULF project, your role is wide-ranging: you will need to communicate with a range of stakeholders, including publicising and promoting your project to learners; manage a team to deliver your outcomes; and develop project plans and systems to check you are on track.

This part of the toolkit gives tips and templates to help you achieve these. Last, but by no means least, you will have to set up robust systems to record project expenditure and retain evidence for audit purposes.

Don’t be put off by what may seem like a long list of tasks: the ULF team are here to help and support you, and there are many tips and templates in this toolkit to help you in delivering your project.