The main focus of unionlearns apprenticeship project is to develop the TUC's existing policy on apprenticeships and support affiliate unions' work on apprenticeships across the country.

Below you can find news, blogs and case studies on apprenticeships.

Unions supporting high quality apprenticeships


One of unionlearns key priorities for the coming year is to continue to expand its work with unions to promote and support high-quality apprenticeship programmes that can deliver for young people and adults alike. To tie in with this unionlearn has produced a new...

Opening doors to all: How union learning tackles disadvantage


Union-led learning is inclusive, by definition. We open our doors without discrimination, including to non-members. This booklet showcases many of the ways in which we dismantle the barriers faced by disadvantaged learners, and help them – and the organisations they work...

Unions supporting high-quality Apprenticeships


This booklet amply demonstrates that trade unions are already making a difference for apprentices and the organisations that employ them in a whole world of different ways: by negotiating high-quality Apprenticeship programmes, by challenging gender stereotypes, by coaching...