The union effect

Do unions really make a difference?

Yes, definitely.

Unions have a massive impact on the world of work. Where there are unions in the workplace, workers are more likely to:

  • Be paid more
  • Have better terms and conditions of employment like sickness benefits, pensions and more paid holidays
  • Be safer – in workplaces with union reps you’re much less likely to have an accident
  • Get more training
  • Have a real say in decisions about what happens at work, like working hours and shift patterns

Unions fight for more inclusive workplaces so women, Black and minority ethnic workers, LGBT workers, older workers and disabled workers don’t suffer discrimination.

And, if you run into problems at work, your union will look after you. Every year, unions win millions of pounds in compensation for workers who’ve been treated unfairly or suffered an injury at work.

A fairer world

All around the world, unions campaign and lobby for political and legal reforms, making sure that the voice of working people is heard. By negotiating for increased wages, unions get a fairer share for working people and help reduce the income inequality that causes many social problems.

Better for everyone – even employers

Unions also make organisations run more efficiently, by pointing out better ways of organising work. By tackling safety hazards in workplaces unions save businesses and the economy millions of pounds in working time that would be lost if workers were injured and unable to attend work.