Union Learning Representatives (ULR) One Online

Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) are helping to give people the skills and knowledge to improve their lives at work and beyond.

They are making a real difference in workplaces up and down the country, raising the profile of training and development by providing advice, encouragement and information to members about a range of learning opportunities.

Who is the course for?

This online course is for newly appointed union learning reps (ULRs) and experienced learning reps who would like a refresher. ULRs are specialist reps who provide advice, encouragement and information to members about learning opportunities that can help them improve their lives at work and beyond. It’s designed to be equivalent to the TUC’s classroom-based Union Learning Reps Certificate, which is the core course for learning reps.

How long is the course?

That will vary from person to person. The classroom Union Learning Reps 1 course has 60 contact hours, but most people will complete this online version in far fewer hours. Don’t rush it though - it’s important to go at the pace that suits you.

What will the course help me to do?

This course will help you:

  • Use surveys and mapping to Identify learning needs
  • Promote the value of training and learning to union members
  • Understand how to work with providers and potential partners
  • Support and encourage members who want to broaden their skills
  • arrange training and learning opportunities
  • consult with your employer about training and learning

Can I get time off for online courses?

Online learning should not be seen as an alternative to paid release from work. The law still applies, whether learning takes place away from work or in work, at a workstation or in a company learning centre.

How much is the course?

There are no course fees for union reps from TUC affiliated unions.

Further Information

If you require any further information about this course, please contact: TUC Education Online e: [email protected] t: 020 7467 1289

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