Union professionals courses

Union professionals courses

After eight highly successful years, the union professional development programme has been comprehensively redesigned to ensure its relevance to union professionals.

Following consultation with union officers and staff throughout the UK, the new programme offers more flexible learning options than ever before to make it as accessible as possible for union professionals.

This year we are offering some of our most successful courses in a blended learning format, combining the flexibility of online working with the invaluable opportunity to work with other union professional staff in a classroom environment.

Our courses

We run courses for union professionals all year around.

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Unionprofessionals website

The TUC's interactive union professionals website, the only website exclusively devoted to the needs of people who work for unions, offers further information and support. You can register for the interactive union professionals website.

For further information about the Union Professional Development programme, The Women Professionals' Summer School, bespoke courses and services or the Unionprofessionals website please contact: Martin Hegarty [email protected].