Unionlearn board

A new unionlearn board is elected by the General Council each year for the following twelve months.

The Board is elected from General Council members in such a way as to ensure representation of both large and specialist unions with measures to ensure a degree of gender balance. Representatives of the Department for Education (DfE) and the Skills Funding Agency also attend as observers.

Office chairs

The remit of the Board is to oversee the strategic direction of unionlearn and particularly to:

  • Assist in establishing unionlearn as a high profile organisation that is the union voice on learning at work.
  • Maximise the potential of unionlearn to support union organisation and growth.
  • Consider and approve a three-year strategic and financial plan and annual operational plans.
  • Approve budgets, receive quarterly and annual financial reports, and audit reports.
  • Monitor progress of unionlearn against its stated objectives and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Ensure that the activities of unionlearn reflect and demonstrate TUC policies for learning and skills and contribute expertise to policy development.
  • Ensure that unionlearn fully reflects the General Council’s commitment to equality of opportunity.
  • Help to promote unionlearn and union work on learning with government and other external stakeholders.

The current board

The 2016/17 unionlearn Board met for the first time on 19 October 2016.

The Board members are:

  • Mary Bousted – ATL (Chair) and ex offcio as TUC President
  • Philipa Harvey – NUT
  • Brian Cookson - NASUWT
  • Gail Cartmail – Unite
  • Annette Mansell-Green - BDA
  • Roger McKenzie – Unison
  • Eddie Saville - HCSA
  • Jon Skewes – RCM
  • Maggie Ryan – Unite
  • Niamh Sweeney - ATL
  • Maria Exall – CWU
  • Neil Derrick -  GMB
  • Sheila Bearcroft – GMB
  • Tony Dale – USDAW
  • Maria Exall - CWU

Paul Nowak –  Assistant General Secretary TUC
Kevin Rowan – Director unionlearn

Sam Rooney – DfE (Observer)
Tasha Judd – DfE (Observer)
Ann Grant – SFA (Observer)
Kirsty Evans – SFA (Observer)