United Road Transport Union (URTU)

New unionlearn leaflet encourages ESOL support at work

Unionlearn is launching a new leaflet which aims to encourage unions and employers to work together to help workers who would benefit from English language support. “Are we all speaking the same language?” highlights the need for good communication in workplaces, and points to the benefits of having workers who are confident with their English...

URTU supports members to go online

Today people who lack digital skills could be missing out on a lot of fun and opportunities in their lives. For example, 72% of employers require basic digital skills and 25% of jobs are only advertised online. Public services are becoming 'digital by default'. Eventually 90% of public services will...

Use Your Loaf - Enfield

This is a work based learning centre which offers digital inclusion as well as other activities. The BFAWU are active in the promotion of basic ICT and online English and Maths. It is also used as a quiet room with a bookcase of Quick Reads.



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