What are apprentices entitled to?

This information is designed for use by apprentices. If you are a union rep, see our Information and resources for union reps.

"The thing I like about my Apprenticeship is that what I learn at college I take to work the next day and I apply it and it just clicks." – IT apprentice

As an apprentice, you are entitled to:

  • Pay.
  • Quality training.
  • Real work experience - learn while you earn.
  • An opportunity to get nationally recognised qualifications.
  • A chance to learn from experienced workers in the sector.
  • A safe working environment and protection from discrimination or bullying.
  • Access to support, guidance and mentoring.
  • Release from work to attend formal training, and sufficient time away from work station or desk to study in work time.
  • A negotiated training plan or contract between yourself, the employer and the training provider.
  • A written contract of employment.
  • A full induction in the workplace.
  • Regular assessments and review of progress.
  • Access to progression routes to higher education.
  • The possibility of long-term employment with promotion prospects.

"It's a great opportunity to build up skills you didn’t think you had." – Business Administration apprentice

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