What do I need to do on my first day?

You’ve done it! You’ve got the job! The world of work is opening up before you.

Now, you need to do what you can to make it as smooth a start as possible. First impressions last, so what can you do to impress on your first day at your new job?

Before you arrive

Prepare yourself and everything you might need. If you can pack up everything the night before, this will help you keep calm in the morning. You may need your job contract, bank details, a form of photo ID and other things they mentioned when they offered you the role. Most employers put this information in a letter or email make sure you read this.

Make sure you know when you’re expected to arrive and try to arrive 15 or 20 minutes earlier, remembering to account for issues with public transport, rush-hour traffic and parking. Find out too who you need to ask for on arrival.

Remember that they picked you and you deserve to be there, so don’t worry about making small mistakes. Everyone has had their own first day in a job, everyone has sat once where you sit now.

On your first day

As with your interview, smiles, handshakes and positive body language will go a long way to show people you are the person to get the job done. Introduce yourself to everyone you meet and make a note of their name and their role, as they might be easy to forget, or repeat their name in your reply, like ‘Hi Chris, I’m Emma’.

Ask plenty of questions and take notes. The more information you gather, the less you’ll need to ask about when doing the job. Again, it gives a good impression of your ability to get to work.

Ask for something to do or for more information from your new colleagues about what you’ll be working on. This will show initiative and, again, a willingness to work.

If anything about your new responsibilities is confusing or unclear, talk to someone for some help or support. See if there’s someone in a similar position who can show you the ropes.

Empty mailboxes, fresh stationery – there has never been a better chance to be organised in your job. Ask your new colleagues for advice about how they organise their work stations.