Workplace support

If you have never done any work-based learning before, you will need to think about the support that you can get from your employer, your manager, your colleagues and your union.

There are many kinds of support for workplace learning. These are some examples:

  • Financial help
  • Time off for studying, attending college or completing assignments
  • Mentoring and access to experienced staff
  • Help to develop work based projects
  • Access to computers, software and other resources

Three useful guides here to help you to get support.

Workplace Support for your Studies

Workplace Support for Your Studies is a guide for learners to help identify the support needed and when and how to ask for it.

Sources of further advice on higher learning for advisers and learners

Sources of further advice on higher learning for advisers and learners is a document is for advisers and designed in particular to support work-based advisers, for whom advising potential learners is only part of what they do. You may also work in one of the services listed below and work within a network.

If a learner is considering taking a pre-entry course or is thinking of applying to higher education (HE), then it is important that they take fully informed decisions.

E-Learning  for workplace mentors

If you, your colleagues or line manager would be interested in developing skills as a workplace mentor, Foundation Degree Forward and the Open University have developed a free e-learning module Supporting Workplace Learning.

Facilitating group study of Supporting Workplace Study

Facilitator notes

This set of resources has been developed to facilitate a group of learners accessing Supporting Workplace Study and providing peer support.

It assumes a one-day group session prior to beginning the resource and a half day session on completion. A Programme, PowerPoint and Facilitators’ notes are provided along with two integral handouts. It has been successfully trialled with a group of union learning reps.

Union learning clubs

Your union may be able to set up a union learning club for members to support each other in their higher level learning.