Writing a successful bid

Quickly let the funder know (ideally in the very first paragraph):

  1. Why the bid is relevant – what the problem is
  2. Strategic fit – explain how your application links to other priorities and initiatives
  3. What the outcomes and impact will be if they fund it
  4. Why your organisation is ideally placed to deliver the project
  5. How the project will support equality and diversity
  6. How the project will demonstrate added value/additionality
  7. How your project will be managed
  8. Develop the project plan
  9. How you will disseminate your project findings
  10. How you will monitor the delivery of your project
  11. How you will evaluate your project
  12. What lasting/sustained impact the project will have
  13. Develop and present a clear financial plan
  14. How your project demonstrates value for money

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