Writing a successful bid: project plan and dissemination

Writing a successful bid

Include a clear project plan

Having asked you to set out the context and rationale for your project, most grant awarding bodies will ask for a detailed project plan that describes the steps that you will take to achieve your outcomes. Bear in mind as you write this section that there needs to be good read-across to your budget and any other parts of the application where you explain the resources you require.

It may help to break your project plan down into a series of 'work-packages', covering discrete area of activity, such as: preparation & materials development; recruitment; training delivery; evaluation; and dissemination. Many EU programmes, particularly those that involve developing, piloting, evaluating and encouraging others to adopt new approaches, require this.

Whether or not you break your activity down into work packages, the critical issue is to clearly set out the tasks involved in delivering your project, the timescales for these, the outputs you will deliver and where responsibilities lie across the team or partnership.

A Gantt chart is one industry standard way of demonstrating how the project will work, and can easily be built in Excel or similar packages.


Set out a clear strategy, explaining to whom you will communicate your approach and results, how you will do this and why this will help them.

Consider the depth of dissemination that is appropriate to your project. Is the nature of your project such that it is adequate simply to tell others what you have done and learned though reports, workshops or attendance at conferences? Or, is a more thorough approach required?

If a thorough approach is required, consider engaging the organisations that should be interested in 'mainstreaming' your approach at an early stage of your project or, ideally, during the application stage.

Make sure you explain to your funder why you consider the approach you have taken to be the right one.

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