Writing a successful bid: why your organisation? Equality & diversity

Writing a successful bid

Explain why your organisation is ideally placed to deliver the project

Many grant application forms will have a section in which they ask you to describe your organisation, its experience and expertise in relation to the project you are proposing. This section provides you with an opportunity to set out the particular reasons why your organisation is uniquely suited to deliver the initiative.

There are many reasons why trade unions are ideally placed to deliver interventions, such as having:

  • Close / trusting relationships and a first class understanding of the aspirations and needs of employees, particularly those who are disadvantaged in work and society;
  • Unrivalled reach into workplaces and the capacity to negotiate with employers on issues related to issues such as skills development, equality, health and safety etc.;
  • Insights into changes taking place in their sector; and
  • Previous experience of successful delivery.

Cite the outcomes achieved by, or evaluation findings resulting from, previous similar work.

Equality and Diversity

Trade unions are particularly strong on equality and diversity and this should be evidenced and not over-looked. Most funders expect reference to equality and diversity and it may be beneficial to attach such policies if the opportunity arises.

Assessors will ask questions such as:

  • How does this project ensure or enhance equality and diversity?
  • Is it targeting hard to reach cohorts?
  • How is it helping those who are most disadvantaged in the labour market to gain access to and progress in (high quality /rewarding) employment?

To score points, you will need to be specific about:

  • The groups that you are going to support
  • The issues / disadvantages that they face
  • The scale of the need
  • How you will address the equality and diversity issues you have identified
  • Your criteria for success and how you will measure progress towards these.

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