Apprenticeships are union business


Unionlearn helps trade unions to support apprentices in the workplace. We do this by:

  • Supporting unions to work with employers to develop and improve apprenticeship programmes
  • Support union reps, ULRs and other union members to work directly with apprentices, supporting them to complete their apprenticeship and build their careers.
  • Provide resources, policy development, research and information to apprentices and union reps to ensure the union contribution to apprenticeships is rooted in the latest thinking and advice around apprenticeship quality.
  • Campaign on issues impacting apprentices, such as low pay, poor training and lack of progression in work.

Trade unions have a long tradition of supporting learning and skills at work. One of the key debates at the TUC founding meeting almost 150 years ago, was the need to improve the technical skills of workers. Union support for high-quality apprenticeships has been a constant ever since. Unionlearn is committed to the vision of high quality apprenticeships as a skills development programme for the current and future workforce as we build a new, fair and prosperous economy.

The Charter for Apprenticeships sets out the basis for a quality apprenticeships.

The Apprenticeship eNote can help union reps learn more about Apprenticeships.

Information and resources for apprentices

Information and resources for union reps

Other information:

Apprenticeships are Union BusinessTUC apprenticeship project: The TUC is running an apprenticeship project. The main focus of the project is developing the TUC's existing policy on apprenticeships and supporting affiliate unions' work on apprenticeships across the country.

National Apprenticeships ServiceApprenticeship rights: Covering apprentice pay, time off to train and agreements.

Contacts: Who to contact in the TUC with any questions about the project.

More information about apprenticeships is available from GOV.UK.