Value My Skills

The innovative and interactive Value My Skills online tool aims to help workers identify transferable skills. We have experiences and skills from all areas of our lives and this tool will help you identify your strengths and areas for development.


You might be considering a change of job or promotion, doing a course or some voluntary work, or simply want to review what you can offer to the jobs market.

The tool takes you through steps with clear instructions to identify and rate your skills, keep reflection notes, design an action plan and record your progress. You can use the tool on your own or consider having a Union Learning Rep to guide you and discuss your findings with. 

You can access the Value My Skills tool below:

Access Value My Skills

Value My Skills Tool – Quick Start Guide

  1. Go to the Value My SKills and register or sign in.
  2.  Select your language preference. The tool is available in ten languages.
  3. A welcome page will appear which will give you some information and instructions on how to use the tool.
  4. When you are ready the tool will randomly shuffle the cards.
  5. You can now work through each of the cards with your learner getting them to indicate what level of competence they feel they are at. There are 56 skills cards covering four categories: People, Ideas, Data and Things. For each skill the learner will need to self-reflect and decide on the level: Very Competent, Competent, Adequate or Undeveloped.
  6. During this process ask some prompt questions and for examples to get the learner to reflect on different situations and circumstances.
  7. Review the transferable skills overview and ask the learner to choose 2 or 3 skills they want to develop further.
  8. Help the learner complete the action plan to take forward the areas they want to develop. Agree a time and place to review the action plan and the progress they have made.

Mid-life Skills Review: Identifying transferable skills

Transferable skills are the general abilities people develop across different jobs and industries. They are found in a range of occupations, paid or unpaid, and in other life roles.

If you are interested in a new job, a course, a promotion or some voluntary work, use the online cards in Value My Skills to help you and your colleagues to think about your skills.

People often find it difficult to find the right words to describe their skills, so this online tool can give them a lot of confidence. This review process can help people write a CV or application form and covering letter when applying for jobs, promotions, courses or other opportunities.

Using Value My Skills for one-to-ones

Log onto the Value My Skills tool and discuss which skills your reviewee would like to use, and how learning opportunities can help to develop new skills.

When working through the Value My Skills cards online tool talk about the results with the reviewee. Why have they chosen to place the skill card as Undeveloped, Adequate, Competent or Very Competent? Talk about what evidence and experience your reviewee has of their competence to include in a CV or application for a job, a course or a promotion.

Access Value My Skills