Studying part-time

Studying part-time

Did you know?

  • There are over 600,000 part-time undergraduate HE students in the UK
  • Learners study at a higher level in universities, Further Education Colleges and with private providers
  • Many part-time learners study with the Open University
  • Learners study by attending college, online and at work or home
  • Part-time courses may be called "flexible" learning or "part-time pathways" and may involve combining different modules over a longer period of time than a full-time course
  • Fees for part-time study are cheaper than for full-time, but you may be studying for longer
  • Part-time undergraduates can now get a loan to fund their studies

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What can you study part-time?
Where can you study part-time?
What does part-time mean? How long will it take?
Studying part time – costs and funding
What support can institutions provide for part-time students?
Will your employer support you?
Who can advise you?

Student Finance England (SFE) have also produced a range of resources for advisers and students. Section 3 includes for videos and a "core script" for employers, which contains useful messages to make the case for employer support for higher learning.

Great video resources

SFE have produced three videos about part-time study, how to fund it, the myths and the facts.

The Open University has produced a video, "Ways 2 Pay". Their "ways to pay for a qualification in England" contains further information and the video.

Loans for part-time study 2013/14

The SFE loans for part-time study 2013/14 (pdf) guide is for new and continuing part-time students and is updated for 2013/14. This includes part-time students studying with The Open University (OU) or other distance learning courses. It tells you what finance is available for part-time students as well as how and when to apply and repay.