Maths pathway for learners and union reps

Five Free Steps to Better Maths

Useful online tools for union reps promoting maths in their workplace, or brushing up their own skills.

Step 1:

Take an initial assessment at your leisure with SkillCheck. Unionlearn offers Use-IT for everyone to get a general idea of where your skills levels are.

Step 2:

Numeracy Challenge helps you to explore your maths skills further. Dig a bit deeper into everyday maths and see where you can improve your skills. Maybe you would like to be better able to help your kids with their homework?

Step 3:

If you want to get confident with Level 2 (equivalent to a GCSE A-C pass) maths, the Citizen Maths course online is for you. This course is based on solving the kinds of maths problems that come up at work and in life.

Step 4:

Reps can improve their maths skills with the Working with Figures eNote. Register with TUC Education for eNotes. The eNote is a self-contained short online learning module that builds reps confidence with using calculations for union work.

Step 5:

Tell everyone about it in Twitter using #ulmathsworkout hashtag tagging @unionlearn or pop into the unionlearn Facebook page.

And remember: if there is a union learning rep in your workplace, they are eager to help you at any stage of this journey.

Download a flyer for the maths pathway (PDF 284KB) campaign to hand out to your members.

Twitter maths quiz 2018 questions and answers

For those of you that missed out on the quiz everyday during unionlearn's maths workout week, both questions and answers are available in the PDF below.

Twitter maths quiz 2018 questions and answers