Building my skills was a Learning Curve

I heard about the Learning Curve through my first line manager when I started.

Learning Curve

She told me that there were a great number of courses available for my own personal and professional development and if I wanted to, she’d support any involvement.

It was an offer that was too good to turn down.

My first course was Business Administration Apprenticeship (Level 3). The course gave me confidence in the workplace in seeking out information I didn’t already know and boosted my confidence in the areas of knowledge I already had, by putting it into practice. It’s amazing what you pick up without realising and completing the course helped my verbal and written communication.

I learnt some new Excel skills, such as conditional formatting in a spreadsheet and also how to feel better about having your voice recorded! I learnt that what I know is a great deal and that I need to recognise that and to believe in my own abilities.

Everyone who knew I was doing it supported me and congratulated me on completion. The Learning Curve has said well done and been proud of my achievements. I’ve also been mentioned on Yammer and the ULRs have also spoken to me about a celebration lunch where I will be presented with my certificates.

I felt really supported on my course, especially by the ULRs and my tutor/assessor. I’ve had a difficult time including two role changes, two assessor changes and a possibility of my fixed-term contract being terminated. Yet they offered more support, guidance and direction than I could ever have imagined.

I would definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship. You get the benefit of doing your job and learning at the same time, thus developing best practice and gaining confidence from what you know.

Have I progressed while doing my course? I’d say so - I’m now a permanent PMO (Project Management Office) Analyst, working under Sainsbury’s Bank in their Delivery division. I started out as a Project Administrator on a fixed-term contract and am now a grade higher than when I first started the course - coincidentally or not!

I am looking to continue my professional development by completing a certification closely matching my role as a PMO Analyst - the P3O qualification like that of Prince II. I’m also keeping an eye out for other courses that the Learning Curve has to offer. There are plenty of other skills I am keen to develop!

Having an Usdaw Learning Centre on the site supported by management is a huge bonus. Kerry and Michelle our Usdaw co-ordinators are brilliant. They are very supportive and care about each individual in the process of their journey, be it beginning, throughout and afterwards.

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Madolyn Mappin

Madolyn Mappin works at Argos Widnes and has recently been getting involved in improving her skills thanks to support from Usdaw and the Learning Curve.

In this blog Madolyn talks about her experience.