Championing professional registration for science technicians

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Could you help spread the word about professional registration?

Inspiring science technicians
At the Science Council we’re giving registrants the opportunity to get involved with our work by volunteering as part of our Registrant Champion programme. Our registrant champions are a community within the wider network of professionally registered scientists and technicians that champion the benefits of professional registration: to the individual, to their workplace and to society as a whole.

Registrant champions dedicate the time they can to undertake activities from as simple as putting up the occasional poster and distributing mini-booklets to holding workshops and seminars with the aim of getting scientists and technicians to register. 

I am here to support registrant champions and have been developing resources to help them do their role which includes induction information and promotional materials like postcards and event posters. I am currently also working on guidance for soft skills such as how to organise an event and how to run a workshop. 

All the rewarding activities a registrant champion undertakes will not only allow them to gain new skills and meet new people, including getting to know more colleagues, but will also count towards continuing professional development (CPD).

Advancing the science profession
Another type of volunteer we have at the Science Council are assessors, who play an instrumental role in assessing registration applications which come directly to us through our online application system.

One of our assessors, Richard Warhurst RSci is also the Unite Branch Secretary at Newcastle University, where he works as a technician in the Institute of Neuroscience.

Richard’s role as an assessor involves reading the applications of scientists and technicians who want to become professionally registered and talking to them in face to face assessments. He then makes a judgement to decide if the applicant meets the criteria to become registered. 

Richard says:

This is incredibly rewarding as you get to see the roles technicians play across the country in different environments, but the one thing that always comes across is how vital the role technicians play in getting the job done. 

As a group, technicians have never been acknowledged for the role they play and mainly this is because technicians don’t blow their own trumpets. Professional registration can help us all do this."

In describing how his assessor roles helps him engage with professional registration, Richard explains:

As a trade unionist, promoting professional registration seems the obvious thing to do; it encourages technicians to fulfil their potential. It helps them to be employed in new roles or jobs and can even aid job security. 

We agreed with the University who are very supportive of professional registration that it should become a desirable criteria in job adverts provided it never becomes compulsory for existing staff. 

Professional registration helps technicians reach their potential and that is one of the main aims of trade unions."

If you or any of your union reps or members are registered with the Science Council, sign up to become either a registrant champion or assessor or both!

The resources and skills gained from volunteering as a registrant champion or assessor can help them assist other union reps/members to promote professional registration.

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Najmah Anshory

Najmah Anshory is Marketing and Communications Assistant at the Science Council, who license professional bodies in science to award professional registration status for scientists and technicians, including Registered Science Technician (RSciTech). Najmah manages the Registrant Champion programme, which provides registrants with resources and guidance on promoting professional registration in their workplace and local community.