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If we have learnt anything from the last 4 months, it is that as human beings we have a need for control.  Now I am not talking about everyone being control freaks, but more about control in the realms of making decisions for ourselves, navigating our own path and deciding our end goal.

We lost our ability to be in control of lots of things during lockdown and with current restrictions and the changing world of work, if there was ever a time to invest in ourselves, that would be now and with so many learning opportunities available, many free of charge, how do we decide what’s right for us and what goals can we set ourselves and where can we find relevant, current and brand new material for learning?

Engage, the self-directed learning platform released by Enginuity during lockdown is all about taking back control of your future.  With two sides to the platform, the Research hub opens a world of information at our fingertips which is tailored and relevant to today’s Engineers in whatever stage of their career they might be in.

The Academy side of Engage hosts a wealth of learning content for those Engineers who take the initiative and take ownership of their learning.  The flagship programme introduces the fourth industrial revolution and the evolution of robotics, artificial intelligence, digitisation, and machine learning in easy to navigate chunks of learning taking us from having a basic awareness right up to advanced level of knowledge.

As the economic landscape continues to adapt and respond to the last few months, the ability to stand out from the crowd in terms of learning and skills is what I believe will propel the recovery as we emerge from the crisis.  As employers, it has been widely reported that how we treated our people through the pandemic is what our new brand will be and we saw that very early on in the retail sector with a large sports chain making the news alongside one of the large hospitality chains for a similar reason when they chose to not pay their people.

When you look back on this time, what will you be known for?  Some of us will have been key workers during this time and thank you for all you have done and for your many sacrifices.  For some of us, we will have been home bound, maybe still working and possibly furloughed, and as you progress your career think about the next time you sit at an interview (which will probably be virtual!) and you are asked about your time in lockdown.  When lots of people were expanding their skills and learnings, be the person who says, I took the time to look to the future, identify what role I could play in the recovery and set myself a learning plan with clear goals to achieve my ambitions.

Welcome to Engage and play your part in the fourth Industrial Revolution.


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Lucy Thompson

Lucy Thompson is Chief People Officer at Enginuity  - a skills organisation developing practical skills solutions using unmatched industry expertise and data, to provide the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering industries the support they need to make smarter data-driven decisions about the people and skills they need, today and tomorrow.