How remote learning can improve team performance, morale and confidence

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There is probably not a single person that hasn’t had to adapt to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its numerous impacts. You may have been encouraged to start working remotely in order to prevent the risk of the virus spreading further, and working digitally is a completely new area for many people.

For some workplaces, employees have been able to adapt and complete their day-to-day tasks from home. However, the challenge for many people is how to continue working, whilst learning and developing skills in a non-traditional workplace.

Because of this, most face-to-face training and classroom sessions are being cancelled, and this can be disheartening when you are trying to improve your skills. This doesn’t mean you should be left behind! Online learning platforms can give you on-demand performance support and training for your personal development. Instant, accessible training is now the way forward!

The benefits of remote learning

Remote learning has an incredible amount of flexibility and accessibility compared to more traditional methods. As opposed to classroom-based training, digital learning modules can be completed across multiple devices, such as laptops and mobiles. So, if you don’t currently have access to an office or have always preferred working from home, you can still  log on and complete your training whenever you wish. Having a training schedule also offers greater flexibility, as you are free to complete it at a time most suitable to you. This can be invaluable if you also have additional jobs or a family to juggle!

Did you know that information learned via bite-sized chunks is more easily retained? This means that you benefit more from small, balanced amounts of training, as opposed to one-off sessions where the value of learning diminishes over time. A good example of this are Wranx daily drills, made up of approximately 10 questions where the learning content, over time, adapts to individual users and their learning needs.

Remote learning needs to move away from the one-size-fits-all approach which classroom and face-to-face training usually rely on. After all, each person learns in different ways! Having accessible, flexible and personalised training is what will ultimately improve your individual and team performance, while also increasing knowledge retention.

How Wranx can help

If you’re looking for the perfect online training tool to get you through and beyond the lockdown, Wranx can be accessed on any device and uses a proven technique called Spaced Repetition to provide learning that will improve knowledge retention – even with as little as 2–3 minutes of training a day.

Wranx is supporting the unionlearn Learning at Home campaign by providing a number of new modules that have been created to support the personal development of union members, including:

  • Working from Home: An Introduction – How to successfully work from home:  stay organised, communicate online, build a workspace and keep healthy
  • Working from Home: Mental Health – The importance of looking after your mental health, exercising and eating healthily while working from home
  • Foundation Maths (3 modules) – An introduction to the fundamental maths skills, including numbers and shapes
  • Foundation English (2 modules) – An introduction to the fundamental English skills, including spelling and grammar
  • Working from Home: Communication  (coming soon)
  • Digital Skills (Entry Level and Level 1) (coming soon)

Union members can sign up to these new modules, as well as any existing ones, by visiting:

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Chloe Britton

Chloe Britton works for Wranx, a microlearning platform that uses Spaced Repetition to improve knowledge retention – even with as little as 2–3 minutes of training a day.