“I don’t need help with maths, I can get it wrong all on my own”

I was going to write about maths, but then I remembered that maths is for nerds, not to mention boring, why should I care to learn, I never use maths....

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Well anyway, back to my day. On the way to work I needed petrol. I remember a time when I used to be able to drive to my place of work and back for £10 per week, now I’m lucky if it’s under £30 per week (that’s at least £120 per month) I mean really, that’s a staggering 300% rise in cost to me - if only my wage had risen at such a level.

Not to worry, I’ve got enough money on me today. Luckily this month I’ve managed to budget a little better, largely down to the fact that I’m spending less in other areas (who needs to eat anyway?). I really need to try harder to save money.

So, as I’m stood waiting my turn in the queue at the petrol station, I’m beginning to feel agitated because there are seven people in front of me, none of whom appear to be in any hurry. This is taking ages. Yes, I admit I’m pushing it a bit, that extra half hour in bed this morning when the alarm went off at 5am hasn’t really done me any favours. I’m mentally picturing seconds ticking away into minutes as I tap my foot in agitation, willing people to hurry up otherwise I might be late for work and will miss out on that all important coffee before I start; speaking of which, I think I’ve got enough loyalty tokens to now qualify for that coffee to be free (lets not mention the £12 it cost me to buy the other coffees to get this token) - happy days!

As I get to the till I notice a special offer on chocolate bars. “Mmmm” I think to myself, one bar of chocolate (king size obviously) isn’t going to break the bank – my figure maybe, but not the bank. What the heck, I’ll get one (or two). It’s only an extra pound and nobody’s watching.

Hang on a minute - aren’t I supposed to be slating maths? Have I not just said maths is for nerds, and that I find it boring, and that I never use it? If that’s the case, then why have I used maths at least ten times in the past ten minutes, add on the last two minor calculations and it’s up to twelve times…thirteen now…and so it goes on.

And that is exactly the point - maths is engrained into almost every part of every day. It’s with the upmost confidence when I say that a day will not pass in anybody’s life when numbers hold no relevance. Simply - without maths, we couldn’t function (pardon the pun)…...

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Michelle Graham currently works on the GMB Learning Project in the Yorkshire Region. 

She's been part of the team for six years, and prior to this was working as a TUC Tutor (part-time), and a 'Roving Rep'.