Maintaining good mental health thanks to Unite

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Our Learning Organiser Tazim Ladhu discussed the Learn with Unite project and the learning available to members with me. I hadn’t engaged in formal learning since my school days…Tazim encouraged me to consider the courses available, talking through the format of the courses and the accreditation.

I decided to enrol for the Level 2 Mental Health Awareness Course. I was interested to learn all aspects of mental health to get an understanding of how others feel, being able to recognise symptoms and understand those who may have poor mental health and their reactions.

Having enrolled on the course, I found the content to be very good and varied. To my surprise I found myself enjoying learning and I was keen to complete the course to the best of my ability.

I shared the experience and benefits of learning and the sense of achievement for myself with other union members. I am pleased through my enthusiasm others enrolled on the same course.

The course enhanced my mindfulness towards the activities which would help me and others. Activities which are uncomplicated, beneficial and inexpensive.

Completing the learning helped to build my confidence and I have now set up a workplace lunchtime walking and running club. I knew this would benefit all to not only get fitter but also the time outdoors has great mental health benefits which I have experienced myself.

The clubs are growing in numbers all the time and everyone enjoys participating. Colleagues will also continue with walking and running sessions in my absence which is great to see.

Putting the strategies I have learnt in to practice and attaining my Level 2 award in mental health awareness has given me a great sense of achievement and a good feel factor for both me and my colleagues.

Find out more on the unionlearn website about free Level 2 courses from The Skills Network.

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Neil McGuiness works in the maintenance team at the Unite South West offices in Bristol.