New standard for IT Technicians launched

RITTech launch, 11 November, London ©Private
RITTech launch, 11 November, London ©Private

RITTech launched on 11 November overlooking the Thames and the city of London. This was something I've been working towards for a long time: professional recognition and kudos for the technicians who make modern life possible, who bring it all together, the people who make it all work. I've worked with an awful lot of brilliant people who 'do' for years, and they're just not recognised or valued enough.

These folk have been becoming increasingly invisible in today's digitally driven economy – the very people underpinning it all are the same people overlooked and taken for granted in the dry daily ubiquity of IT working its quiet magic for us all: phones, banks, retail, entertainment, travel, defence, logistics, design, marketing… you name it, IT technicians are there behind it all. Not only behind what we already use, but creating what's to come. Unsung, unrecognised. BCS is trying to change that with RITTech.

RITTech is the new standard for IT Technicians offered by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. It's aimed at anyone working in an IT role required to do technical work on a day to day basis. The online assessment covers 18 different IT role families that span the whole digital industry; from business analysis, digital marketing, IT service desk to infrastructure, software and network support.

RITTech independently recognises your skill, knowledge and experience against your chosen technical specialist area to ensure a minimum standard is reached.

Analysing, designing, building, running, securing, developing, maintaining, supporting – integrating modern life and building our future. We apparently only realise how much we rely upon IT technicians when things go wrong.

RITTech recognises people for getting it right, installs a rightful sense of pride and helps safeguard against things going wrong. Finally we've got something that recognises what the good technicians do and the value they bring – RITTech. It's there to help quality stand out and stand proud. I'm proud to have brought it here for them.

RITTech means they're current and they're competent to a minimum standard – independently recognised. We don't care how they got there: we just know they can do the job. RITTech is about doing, not merely knowing – which is why it also aligns so well with good apprenticeships.

RITTech says "this person is a trusted pair of hands – not just what they know, but in what they do and how they do it" – a simple shorthand inside and outside IT for quality. About time. Congratulations for the hundreds already signed up, and those thousands destined to join them. You do a great job, and BCS is proud to help you show it.

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Richard Lester

Richard Lester is the Programme Director for RITTech at BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.

Having worked in IT for over 25 years, Richard brought a wealth of experience to instigate and launch the new standard to recognise people in IT who do technical jobs well.