Tackling Digital Skills in Tesco

My name is Rachel Montgomery and I am the ULR at Tesco, Magherafelt. It had been brought to my attention by several colleagues that they could not access their payslips and other information since Tesco decided to scrap paper payslips and go digital.

Rachel Montgomery

As I am fairly new to the ULR role, I asked my Project Worker Lorna Morton if there anything that we could do. She gave me the information necessary to run an Introduction to Digital Skills workshop and to gain the support from my store manager and the colleagues themselves.


The first thing I did was put up a poster to see if there was a need for this course, this stayed up for a week.  Once I could see names, I then planned with my manager a day which suited Tesco and me.  I then put up other information outlining what each colleague needed to set up their online pay slip.  When the poster first went up a colleague had said ‘you’ll never get numbers for this’, but I was really surprised on how many people put their names on the list.


On the day of the course I set up the Digital Workshop in the training room with a laptop. I had a list of names of those who wanted to access the Tesco website and colleagues popped in when it suited them.


Each session lasted around 30 minutes. I introduced them to the website and let them take control of the mouse guiding them through and clicking on the relevant areas of the website. It went considerably well as this was the first course I have ran as the ULR.  The 9 colleagues felt that they had gained some basic computer skills and are now able to access their payslips.


Since running the workshop, I have had a few other colleagues come up to me, saying that they found this hard and had problems with the system. 


My view is to run another course in around a months’ time to help anyone still having problems with this system. I will also be promoting the ES ICT in the store so that colleagues can progress further with their digital skills.

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Rachel Montgomery

Rachel Montgomery is an Usdaw Union Learning Rep (ULR) working at Tesco’s in Magherafelt, County Londonderry. Rachel has just started as a ULR and felt the first thing to do was support Digital Skills amongst colleagues as Tesco was rolling out digital payslips to staff.