Teaching Excel with Tesco's help

Teaching Excel with Tesco's help

Community room at Tesco superstore in Poole ©Private Community room at Tesco superstore in Poole ©Private

About the author: Karen Reed

Karen ReedKaren Reed is a ULF Project Worker with The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. 

Karen has recently been focusing on supporting members to increase their digital skills.

You know the saying – there is no such thing as a free lunch, well at Tesco, there is. Maybe not a lunch as such, but certainly coffee and biscuits with the free learning space. As a digital champion for the Bournemouth and District Branch of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrist, the availably of the new community room at one of the large Tesco superstores in Poole made a fantastic venue for training some of our members how to use an Excel spreadsheet.

The room is free to hire through the Tesco Community Champion. It has fantastic facilities including computers attached to the internet all fully loaded with Microsoft Office.

I have been trying to arrange some sort of computer skills training for my branch members for a while, but finding a suitable venue at a reasonable cost, has been really difficult. When I found out about Tesco, I jumped at the change to get started with some courses.

I was mindful that it can be really daunting to attend a course if you are not very confident about your skills. Sunday morning at Tesco sounded like it may attract several learners wanting to gain some new skills in the use of Excel Spreadsheet. I signed up four members who were really eager to learn.

The morning flew past – there were lots of wows and oohs when I showed the learners some of the tricks of Excel. The exclamations of "Oh, that is how you do that…" were frequently heard. I just love it when folk get really excited about using computers and they start to understand how to get the most out of them. I am especially passionate about using spreadsheets like Excel, as it has so many time-saving features that can make so many everyday tasks quick and easy to do.

It is such a simple thing to sign up to be a digital champion and can be so rewarding to get someone over their computer gremlins. It is even better when they start showing you things they have learn, and gives them so much confidence when they are teaching you something you didn’t know. That is what computers are like; they are able to do so much, it is almost impossible to know everything.

It is a shame I only discovered the Tesco community room at the beginning of the summer, as I believe the summer is for outdoor activities. Anyway, I have already booked the room for some more learning time in October and November and I am really looking forward to helping more members get more into using their computer.

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