Turning the conversation to learning with Quick Reads

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Really all I’d say about Quick Reads is they are a great tool to start a conversation about union learning, and because the range is so wide there is a book for everyone. They also look great out on a table together as they are really colourful and eye catching.

People can think there’s a catch, (no such thing as a free book) so it’s good to reassure them by asking if they’d like a free book or two, but most people think it’s great and are grateful for a free book.

If someone says they don’t read I always suggest they look for a book for a friend or relative. If they say they don’t have time, I might say these books are perfect as they’re short and if summer is coming, I suggest they take one on holiday! It’s helpful to have read a few yourself so you can honestly say which you found good and also to know what each of the books are about. I may ask what genre they enjoy, then make some suggestions from the range.  

Ways to give the books away that I’ve tried are, setting the books up on spare desks in our Contact Centre and emailing to invite colleagues to come and choose a book or two.

I’ve also set up the books in the reception area of the building to catch people as they come into work, letting them know the books will be here until after lunch and they can help themselves. I’ve also boxed books up and given them to managers to give out in team meetings.

Whenever I set up the books, I also promote the free courses available, so I also have plenty of unionlearn leaflets and information with me. If I’m at the table I will either hand these to the person with each book or if they pick the book up, I just say

“I’ll let you have some leaflets too. They tell you about all the great unionlearn courses available. The courses are free and open to everyone, not just union members”.

I also say if they’d like any more information about learning to email me or pop to my desk for a chat.  So it’s a really soft promotion and I don’t really push the union directly, but will answer questions if asked.   

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Claire Cakebread

Claire Cakebread works for the Yorkshire Building Society at the Lynch Wood offices in Peterborough as a Customer Treatment Consultant with the Vulnerable Customer Support Team.