Air-conditioning and refrigeration engineers


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Annual Survey of Hours and Earning 2018


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Jobholders in this unit group install, service and repair air-conditioning and refrigeration systems in factories, offices, shops and homes.


There are no formal academic entry requirements although some employers may request GCSEs/S grades. Training is via an apprenticeship, or BTEC, City & Guilds or other specialised qualification.

Typical tasks

  • examines the proposed site to establish if installation plans are practical;
  • plans layout of the system (pipework, ducts and control panels);
  • produces detailed estimate of costs of the work;
  • plans work schedule and installs the system;
  • inspects and tests the installation;
  • carries our maintenance checks and repairs.

Common job titles

Engineer, refrigerating
Engineer, conditioning, air
Engineer, service
Installer, conditioning, air
Technician, conditioning, air
Engineer, refrigeration
Engineer, repair, refrigeration
Fitter, conditioning, air
Mechanic, refrigeration
Maker, refrigerator
Technician, refrigeration
Engineer, service, refrigeration