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Artists create artistic works using appropriate techniques, materials and media; design artwork and illustrations; and restore damaged pieces of art.


No specific academic qualifications are required although a variety of vocational qualifications, degrees and postgraduate courses are available. Entry can be based upon portfolio work.

Typical tasks

  • conceives and develops ideas and ways of working for artistic composition;
  • selects appropriate materials, medium and method;
  • prepares sketches, scale drawings or colour schemes;
  • builds up composition into finished work by carving, sculpting, etching, painting, engraving, drawing, etc.;
  • approaches managers of galleries and exhibitions in order to get finished work displayed;
  • uses artistic skills to restore damaged artworks;
  • liaises with writers and publishers to produce book illustrations;
  • markets and sells finished work directly to customers;
  • produces works on commission basis for clients.

Common job titles

Artist, fashion
Engraver, portrait
Etcher, black and white
Modeller, artistic
Restorer, picture
Illustrator, chief
Painter, artistic
Painter, colour, water
Painter, landscape
Technician, art
Restorer, art
Illustrator, senior
Illustrator, book
Assistant, sculptor's
Painter, marine
Illustrator, leading
Illustrator, fashion
Cleaner, picture
Artist, medical (hospital service)
Painter, portrait
Artist, scenic
Illustrator, medical
Painter, miniature
Artist and designer, fashion
Artist, press

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.