Arts officers, producers and directors


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Arts officers, producers and directors assume creative, financial and organisational responsibilities in the production and direction of television and radio programmes, films, stage presentations, content for other media, and the promotion and exhibition of other creative activities.


Entry can be via academic qualifications, BTEC/SQA awards, diplomas or degrees in sector-relevant subjects. Apprenticeships are available at NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in some areas.

Typical tasks

  • chooses writers, scripts, technical staff and performers, and assumes overall responsibility for completion of project on time and within budget;
  • directs actors, designers, camera team, sound crew and other production and technical staff to achieve desired effects;
  • breaks script into scenes and formulates a shooting schedule that will be most economical in terms of time, location and sets;
  • prepares rehearsal and production schedule for main events, design of sets and costumes, technical rehearsals and dress rehearsals;
  • ensures necessary equipment, props, performers and technical staff are on set when required;
  • manages health and safety issues;
  • selects, contracts, markets and arranges for the presentation and/or distribution of performance, visual and heritage arts.

Common job titles

Producer, multimedia
Manager, studio
Officer, development, arts
Promoter (sports activities)
Director, network (broadcasting)
Director, presentation (broadcasting)
Manager, artist
Manager, floor (broadcasting)
Assistant, broadcast, radio
Manager, studio (broadcasting)
Master, choir
Producer, film
Arranger, fight
Director, stage
Director of production (broadcasting)
Consultant, entertainment
Agent, variety
Organiser, drama
Producer, content (broadcasting)
Director (broadcasting)
Director, artistic
Producer, animation
Coordinator, facilities, editing
Director of production
Director, film
Adviser, arts
Director, video
Director, casting
Assistant, production (broadcasting)
Editor, tape, video
Operator, autocue
Producer, theatre
Producer, record
Adviser, art
Manager, floor
Operator, television (broadcasting)
Agent, film
Manager, stage
Monitor (broadcasting)
Agent, model
Director, theatre
Assistant, production, television
Editor, video
Producer (broadcasting)
Director of programmes
Editor-in-charge (broadcasting)
Producer, radio
Maker, film
Manager, location
Manager, personal
Editor, film
Producer, music
Agent, entertainment
Consultant, art
Coordinator, production (broadcasting)
Producer, video
Agent, theatrical
Organiser, programme (broadcasting)
Manager, boxer's
Assistant, producer's
Producer, television
Assistant, producer's (broadcasting)
Director, television
Agent, model's
Manager, stage (broadcasting)
Consultant, creative
Officer, arts
Director, technical (broadcasting)
Agent, concert
Assistant, programme (broadcasting)
Engineer, production, post
Director, casting (broadcasting)

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.