Assemblers and routine operatives n.e.c.


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Jobholders in this unit group perform assembly and routine operative tasks not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 813: Assemblers and Routine Operatives.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, though some employers may require GCSEs/S grades. Some employers may set dexterity and aptitude tests for entrants. Normal colour vision may be required for some posts. NVQs/SVQs at Levels 1, 2 and 3 are available in a variety of areas.

Typical tasks

  • follows instructions and drawings and positions components on work bench or in assembly machine;
  • assembles prepared components in sequence by soldering, bolting, fastening, spot-welding, screwing, nailing, stapling, dipping and fastening using power and hand tools or assembly machine;
  • rejects faulty assembly components, inspects finished article for faults, monitors assembly machine operation and reports any faults;
  • applies enamel to jewellery and coats, lacquers, dips and touches up articles (other than ceramic);
  • sets up and operates machines to apply colour to wallpaper and to coat articles (other than ceramic) with paint, cellulose or other protective/ decorative material;
  • performs miscellaneous painting and coating tasks not elsewhere classified including, staining articles, applying transfers, operating french polishing machines, removing surplus enamel from components and marking design outlines on articles.

Common job titles

Grounder (wallpaper printing)
Divider (clothing mfr)
Receiver (tobacco mfr)
Caner (corset mfr)
Liner (cardboard box mfr)
Taper (cardboard box mfr)
Decorator, art
Maker, belt (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Marker (rolling mill)
Assembler, optical
Hand, bench (cardboard box mfr)
Stitcher, wire (paper goods mfr)
Brusher, paint
Lacer, corset
Threader, pearl
Fitter-up, frame, picture
Brusher, enamel
Assembler, plastics
Hand, cracker (paper goods mfr)
Assembler, poppy
Coverer (piano, organ mfr)
Marker, bale
Manufacturer, firelighter
Coverer, heel
Typer (textile mfr)
Coverer, hat
Rubber and polisher (vehicle mfr)
Flatter, paint
Dipper, cellulose
Hand, tassel
Coverer, ball, tennis
Fitter, pen, fountain
Machinist, welding, plastics
Stitcher, carton
Cementer, rubber
Assembler, cutlery
Assembler, frame (engineering)
Maker, stamp, endorsing
Topper (fur dyeing)
Rectifier, paint (vehicle mfr)
Liner, picture
Turner-up (rolling mill)
Handler, spade and shovel
Assembler, furniture
Handler (ceramics mfr)
Scaler (vehicle mfr)
Assembler, watch
Assembler, woodwork
Joiner (rubber footwear mfr)
Marker (steel sheet, strip mfr)
Stringer (printing)
Maker, hat, paper
Worker, enamel
Maker, doll
Fitter, valve (tyre mfr)
Sticker, leaf (artificial flower mfr)
Worker, tackle, fishing
Assembler, carton
Sander, hand (furniture mfr)
Maker, stamp, rubber
Operator, plant, painting, electrophoretic
Lacer, shade, lamp
Machinist, bag (plastics goods mfr)
Assembler, bi-focal
Liner, box, work
Wirer and paperer
Hand, paint
Foreman, shop, enamelling
Assembler, action
Coverer, cabinet (furniture mfr)
Welder, plastic
Finisher (fireworks mfr)
Duster (coal mine)
Turner-over (rolling mill)
Fitter (tobacco pipe mfr)
Mounter, print
Handler (broom, brush mfr)
Masker (metal trades)
Assembler, aircraft
Handler (edge tool mfr)
Preparer, litho (ceramics mfr)
Polisher, stick
Maker, trellis
Assembler, toy
Solutionist (rubber goods mfr)
Tier, tackle
Assembler, ammeter
Assembler, box
Tier, ring
Taker-off, dipper's
Liner, table
Filler, wood
Finisher, spade
Tipper (enamelling)
Finisher (greetings cards mfr)
Fitter, paste
Mounter, stick, walking
Assembler, cabinet
Machinist, dipping
Assistant, shop, paint
Insulator, coil
Assembler, clothing
Stripper, cable
Chipper (painting, decorating)
Checker (chemical mfr)
Maker, bag, polythene
Finisher, key
Insulator, bitumen
Turner, sheet (rolling mill)
Marker, size
Assembler, fencing
Coverer, helmet
Facer (coach painting)
Liner (metal trades)
Finisher, faller
Gilder (furniture mfr)
Stringer, bead
Finisher, frame (cycle mfr)
Maker, slipper, rubber
Fitter, mouthpiece
Assembler, flask, vacuum
Assembler, bench (engineering)
Maker, flower, artificial
Rubber and flatter (coach building)
Finisher, needle (needle mfr)
Setter, steel (corset mfr)
Worker, stencil
Maker, case (fireworks mfr)
Flatter (vehicle mfr)
Nailer (wooden box mfr)
Assembler, mattress
Machinist, riveting (plastics goods mfr)
Paperer, chair
Welder (plastics goods mfr)
Fitter (cardboard container mfr)
Handler, tool (edge tool mfr)
Inker, edge
Stripper, paint, vehicle (vehicle mfr)
Assembler, brush
Cutter, litho (ceramics mfr)
Liner, basket
Coverer and liner, case
Builder, heel
Machinist, nailing
Closer, channel
Stapler, box (cardboard box mfr)
Bundler (clothing mfr)
Assistant, dipper's
Studder (clothing mfr)
Machinist, varnishing (metal trades)
Maker, card, shade
Finisher (broom, brush mfr)
Mate, polisher's, french
Assembler, conveyor
Putter-together, scissors
Maker, postcard
Ornamenter (japanned ware mfr)
Folder-in (glove mfr)
Tier-on (fish hook mfr)
Folder, pattern, paper
Machinist, slugger
Transferer (japanning, enamelling)
Finisher, blade
Assembler, brush, carbon
Dyer (button mfr)
Machinist, backer
Marker (brewery)
Mounter, drawing
Presser, fusing
Sander, wet (motor body mfr)
Bander (envelope mfr)
Piecer, sole
Grounder, fur
Cementer (lens mfr)
Assembler, cosmetics
Maker, case, pattern
Assembler, pen
Riveter (soft toy mfr)
Cementer (plastics goods mfr)
Fitter, glass (watch mfr)
Coverer (cardboard box mfr)
Converter, foam
Liner, gold (cycle mfr)
Padder, colour
Assembler, pad, stamp
Fuser (textile materials, products mfr)
Hand, wiring
Lidder (cardboard box mfr)
Stitcher (paper goods mfr)
Liner, cycle
Corker (fishing rod mfr)
Cementer (rubber goods mfr)
Assistant, house, green (ceramics mfr)
Filler-in, polisher's
Tier-up (cloth hat mfr)
Cementer, envelope
Assistant, production
Finisher, furniture
Fixer, transfer
Man, enamel (stove mfr)
Swiller (enamelling)
Finisher, hook, spring
Operator, plant, paint
Plugger, rod, fishing
Insulator (electrical appliances mfr)
Mounter, handle, umbrella
Liner, glove
Stringer, bag, paper
Finisher, card (card clothing mfr)
Tackler, bag
Reliner, brake
Painter (artificial flower mfr)
Finisher, fork
Assembler, meter
Gluer (furniture mfr)
Assembler, clock
Machinist, pressing, transfer
Tier, hook
Hand, bench (rubber footwear mfr)
Assembler, firework
Assistant, painter's
Hand, painter
Maker, meter, gas
Painter, toy
Coverer, fireworks
Gluer (paper goods mfr)
Liner, pouch, leather
Shader (artificial flower mfr)
Attendant, dipper's
Painter, bottom
Sticker, feather
Applicator, film
Finisher, card (printing)
Spotter (artificial flower mfr)
Framer, bag
Gilder, composition
Coverer, button
Assembler, trim
Assembler, instrument, optical
Flatter, cellulose
Finisher, case
Maker, frame, cork
Flatter and polisher
Finisher, shop, machine
Binder (footwear mfr: rubber footwear)
Filler (pencil, crayon mfr)
Maker, dolly (toy mfr)
Assembler, case (electrical, electronic equipment mfr)
Lacer (corset mfr)
Marker (laundry, launderette, dry cleaning)
Finisher (paper goods mfr)
Marker, dial
Foreman (enamelling)
Hand, brush (coach painting)
Impregnator (cable mfr)
Sticker, pattern (paper pattern mfr)
Jointer (soft toy mfr)
Machinist, gumming (paper goods mfr)
Assembler, transformer
Liner, cabinet (upholstery mfr)
Rubber (vehicle mfr)
Assembler, doll
Assembler, binocular
Fitter, pipe, briar
Finisher, brush
Polisher, cellulose
Finisher, tool, edge
Assembler, block, carbon
Coverer, case
Sackhand (sack mfr)
Turner-in (steel mfr)
Gluer (sports goods mfr)
Fitter, frame, bag
Stenciller, box
Operative, manufacturing, furniture
Tagger, label
Doper (aircraft mfr)
Maker, boot
Liner, machine
Ranger (glass mfr)
Filler-in (pencil, crayon mfr)
Assistant, production (manufacturing)
Stitcher, box
Marker, box
Fitter, umbrella
Marker (tinplate mfr)
Operator, line, paint
Putter-together (cutlery mfr)
Finisher (furniture mfr)
Pairer (corset mfr)
Dipper, enamel
Stemmer and waxer (battery carbon mfr)
Taker-off (ceramics mfr)
Assembler, umbrella
Maker, basket, chip
Folder, box (cardboard box mfr)
Toucher-up (vehicle mfr)
Tagger (lace mfr)
Writer, dial
Maker, box, cigar
Paperer, sand
Fitter, bag, air
Assembler, card (printing)
Brusher-off (metal trades)
Wheeler (vitreous enamelling)
Coverer, buckle
Inserter (clothing mfr)
Assistant, lithographer's
Liner, brake
Coverer, box
Mounter, card
Foreman, shop, paint
Coupler (hose pipe mfr)
Assembler, camera
Stripper, polish
Dipper, paint
Stringer, pearl
Corder (printing)
Leader, team, assembly
Sticker-up (ceramics mfr)
Fitter, box, work
Marker, trade
Dipper (metal trades)
Decorator, card
Maker, map, dissected
Assembler, frame, spectacle
Maker, flag (paper goods mfr)
Assembler, pottery
Mounter, map
Assembler, instrument
Paster (paper goods mfr)
Maker, cracker (paper goods mfr)
Looker-to-ware, thrower's
Mounter, feather
Clipper (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Gummer (paper goods mfr)
Assembler, ligature, surgical
Fitter, bag, curing
Finisher, wrench
Solutioner (rubber goods mfr)
Cutter, transferrer's
Liner, case
Marker, timber
Mounter, lens
Clamper (pencil, crayon mfr)
Assembler, tube (plastics goods mfr)
Marker, valve
Masker, paint
Fitter, basket, work