Assemblers (electrical and electronic products)


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Jobholders in this unit group wire up prepared parts and/or sub-assemblies in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment, make coils and wiring harnesses and assemble previously prepared parts in the batch or mass production of electrical and electronic goods and components.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically provided on-the-job, supplemented by short courses. NVQs/SVQs in Electronic Product Assembly are available at Level 1.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings, specifications and wiring diagrams to identify appropriate materials and sequence of operations;
  • selects, cuts and connects wire to appropriate terminals by crimping or soldering;
  • positions and secures switches, transformers, tags, valve holders or other parts and connects capacitors, resistors, transistors or sub-assemblies to appropriate terminals by soldering;
  • lays out and secures wire to make harnesses and operates machine to wind heavy and light coils of wire or copper for transformers, armatures, rotors, stators and light electrical equipment;
  • assembles previously prepared electrical or electronic components by winding, bolting, screwing or otherwise fastening using an assembly machine or hand tools.

Common job titles

Assembler, stator
Winder, mesh
Operator, technical (circuit board mfr)
Assembler, fire, electric
Winder, armature
Erector, battery
Assembler, dynamo
Assembler, gun
Assembler, radar
Assembler, board, circuit, printed
Assembler, valve
Assembler, computer
Maker, valve (radio valve mfr)
Winder, electrical
Engineer, aerial
Marker, line, sub-assembly (radio mfr)
Maker, board, circuit, printed
Assembler, relay
Assembler (electrical, electronic equipment mfr)
Winder (electrical goods mfr)
Bender, element
Assembler, crystal, quartz
Operator, PCB
Operator, solder, flow
Setter, flame
Binder, armature
Assembler (accumulator mfr)
Assembler, filament
Sealer (lamp, valve mfr)
Maker, fuse
Winder, bobbin (electrical goods mfr)
Presser, coil
Foreman (electrical domestic appliance mfr)
Maker, fire, electric
Separator, plate
Wireman, radar
Inserter, coil
Winder, stator
Leader, team, production (electrical, electronic equipment mfr:
Bender, copper
Assembler, Bakelite
Former, copper
Joiner (lamp, valve mfr)
Assembler, components
Wirer (electronic apparatus mfr)
Solderer, flow
Machinist, capping, lamp
Assembler, instrument, telephone
Joiner, bulb (valve mfr)
Hand, condenser
Assembler, switchboard
Assembler, magnet
Maker, tube, television
Assembler, coil
Assembler (calculating machines mfr)
Assembler, commutator
Assembler, equipment, video
Inserter (electrical, electronic equipment mfr)
Winder, spool (electrical goods mfr)
Assembler, switchgear
Operator, manufacturing (electrical, electronic equipment mfr)
Foreman (telecommunications equipment mfr)
Winder, motor, induction
Winder, disc, armature
Assembler, armature
Maker, lamp, glow
Assembler, recorder, video
Wirer, panel
Former, cable
Maker, fan (electrical goods mfr)
Filler, cap (lamp, valve mfr)
Setter, thermostat
Operator, circuit, printed
Wirer and solderer (radio, television, video mfr)
Winder, coil
Wireman, indoor
Assembler (radio, television, video mfr)
Maker, harness, electrical
Maker, coil
Assembler, sign, neon
Assembler, component
Assembler, electrical
Assembler, stove
Assembler (telecommunications equipment mfr)
Assembler, radio
Assembler, apparatus (electricity supplier)
Assembler, motor
Threader (lamp, valve mfr)
Assembler, belt
Connector, armature
Maker, condenser
Maker, bulb (electric lamp mfr)
Assembler, electronic
Coiler (electrical goods mfr)
Assembler, lamp, electric
Assembler, core (electrical engineering)
Operator, mount, surface (electrical, electronic equipment mfr)
Assembler, cooker, electric
Winder, turbo
Maker, filament
Maker, plug, sparking
Winder, dynamo
Winder, transformer
Pinner (lamp, valve mfr)
Builder, core
Assembler, television
Hand, transformer
Specialist, production (electrical, electronic equipment mfr)
Sleever (radio valve mfr)
Operator, rig (electrical, electronic equipment mfr)
Forewoman, factory (telecommunications)
Leader, team (electrical, electronic equipment mfr:
Assembler, instrument, electrical
Operator, tube (lamp, valve mfr)
Erector, cell (chemical mfr)
Maker, pinch
Inserter (lamp, valve mfr)
Maker, switch
Worker, process (electrical, electronic equipment mfr)
Worker, process (lamp, valve mfr)
Winder, rotor
Foreman (electrical lighting equipment mfr)
Assembler, aerial
Worker, factory (electrical goods mfr: assembling, soldering)
Tester-rectifier, equipment, electronic
Repairer, coil
Fixer, cap
Operator, line
Builder, condenser
Mounter, filament
Assembler, temple
Winder, element
Finisher, coil
Assembler, change, record
Assembler, rectifier
Former, coil
Rewinder, motor, electric
Assembler, telephone
Assembler, battery
Bander, armature
Assembler, cable
Former, loom
Assembler, system, stereo
Assembler, electronics
Tester-rectifier, equipment, electrical
Assembler, accumulator
Cementer (electrical insulator mfr)
Maker, lamp, electric
Worker, process (electrical domestic appliance mfr)
Maker, form (cable mfr)
Assembler, PCB
Wireman, instrument