Assemblers (vehicles and metal goods)


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Jobholders in this unit group undertake the routine assembly of vehicles and other metal goods or components such as frames, axles, wire brushes and wheels.


No academic qualifications are required. In some cases candidates must take aptitude and dexterity tests. Normal colour vision is required for some jobs. Training varies according to the complexity of the work.

Typical tasks

  • follows instructions and drawings and positions components on work bench or in assembly machine;
  • assembles prepared components in sequence by soldering, bolting, fastening, spot-welding, screwing and hammering using power and hand tools or assembly machine;
  • rejects faulty assembly components;
  • inspects finished article for faults, monitors assembly machine operation and reports any faults.

Common job titles

Worker, process (metal trades: assembly)
Fixer, panel
Assembler, gun
Assembler, car
Assembler, valve
Maker, cycle
Maker, carriage, invalid
Assembler, lock
Assembler, vehicle, motor
Assembler, detonator
Foreman (motor vehicle mfr)
Operator, line, trim (motor vehicle mfr)
Fitter, paragon
Assembler, engine
Fitter (bag frame mfr)
Maker, frame, umbrella
Maker, brake, car
Assembler, motor (engineering)
Assembler, body
Maker, wheel (cycle mfr)
Wireman (cycle mfr)
Assembler, filter (machinery mfr)
Finisher, brush, wire
Machinist, stapling (mattress, upholstery mfr)
Assembler, rifle
Assembler, components
Stapler (mattress mfr)
Pinner, comb, woollen
Crimper, detonator
Builder, wheel
Cementer (metal capsule mfr)
Maker, hinge
Trackworker (vehicle mfr)
Worker, car
Maker, bell
Operator, line (engineering)
Associate (vehicle mfr)
Assembler (window and door mfr:
Associate, general (vehicle mfr)
Lacer, wheel
Assembler, refrigerator
Hand, cycle
Fitter, saddle
Assembler, component
Fitter, bar, handle
Assembler, stove
Assembler (motor vehicle mfr)
Assembler, lamp
Sealer, car
Fitter, bonnet
Maker, chair (metal furniture mfr)
Machinist, production (vehicle mfr)
Assembler, frame, bed
Assembler, brake
Operator, cell (vehicle mfr)
Foreman, line (metal trades)
Assembler (gun mfr)
Pinner (metal trades)
Coverer (corset mfr)
Machinist, riveting (metal trades)
Assembler, jewellery
Leader, team, production (motor vehicle mfr)
Springer, umbrella
Setter, jewel (watch mfr)
Fitter (loose leaf book mfr)
Lacer and driller, wheel (cycle mfr)
Worker, process (vehicle mfr)
Assembler, machine
Setter, door (vehicle mfr)
Assembler, cycle
Worker, cycle
Assembler, brass
Operator, manufacturing (metal trades)
Maker, mattress, link
Bolter-up (metal trades)
Operator, line, assembly (vehicle mfr)
Mounter, body
Fitter, brake (cycle mfr)
Assembler, spring
Assembler, cooker, gas
Leader, team (motor vehicle mfr:
Lineworker (vehicle mfr)
Fitter, grip
Mounter, wing
Assembler, seat, spring
Fitter, stove (stove mfr)
Giller (motor radiator mfr)
Assembler (jewellery, plate mfr)
Maker, bicycle
Capper, bobbin
Fitter, semi-skilled
Assembler (cycle mfr)
Associate, production (vehicle mfr)
Hanger, door
Finisher (watch, clock mfr)
Assembler, tub
Assembler (engineering)
Assembler (metal trades)