Bank and post office clerks


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Bank and post office clerks deal with the payment and receipt of money, cheques and other routine financial transactions and open and close accounts. They advise upon financial products and services offered by banks, building societies and post offices.


There are no minimum academic requirements, although entrants usually possess GCSEs/S grades, A levels/H grades or an Advanced GNVQ/GSVQ Level III. On-the-job training is provided. NVQs/SVQs in relevant areas are available at Levels 2, 3 and 4.

Typical tasks

  • deals with enquiries from customers, other banks and other authorised enquirers;
  • maintains records of transactions and compiles information;
  • advises customers on financial services and products available;
  • manages the operations of a sub-post office;
  • receives and pays out cash, cheques, money orders, credit notes, foreign currency or travellers cheques;
  • provides postal services, pays state pensions, unemployment and other state benefits to claimants, supplies official forms and documentation to the public, and performs other tasks specific to the activities of a post office.

Common job titles

Clerk, chief (building society)
Officer, bank
Cashier (bank)
Assistant, customer (bank)
Officer, loans (building society)
Adviser, service, customer (bank)
Clerk, services, customer (building society)
Assistant, service, customer (bank)
Officer, lending (bank)
Cashier, office (PO)
Associate, sales (banking)
Clerk, counter (post office)
Supervisor (building society)
Cashier (PO)
Clerk, counter (building society)
Cashier, office (bank)
Clerk (PO)
Adviser, services, customer (bank)
Clerk, society, building
Master, post
Clerk, counter, office, post
Clerk, office, post
Adviser, sales (building society)
Representative, services, customer (bank)
Assistant, customer (building society)
Supervisor, bank
Officer, service, customer (bank)
Representative, service, customer (building society)
Adviser, branch (building society)
Adviser, service, customer (building society)
Clerk, chief (bank)
Assistant, branch (bank)
Officer, loans (bank)
Assistant, clerical (bank)
Clerk, exchange, foreign (financial services)
Controller, lending (building society)
Teller (banking)
Adviser, telebanking
Cashier, chief
Officer, commercial (bank)
Clerk, service, customer (bank)
Superintendent (banking)
Officer, clerical (bank)
Officer, lending (building society)
Cashier (building society)
Assistant, counter (PO)
Processor, claims
Assistant, services, financial (building society)
Leader, team (building society)
Banker, telephone
Officer, clerical (building society)
Banker, personal
Supervisor, banking
Officer, relations, customer (building society)
Supervisor, services, customer (bank)
Leader, team (bank)
Officer, relations, customer (bank)
Officer, second (banking)
Cashier, office (building society)
Clerk, counter (bank)
Supervisor, services, customer (building society)
Assistant, branch (building society)
Counsellor (bank)
Clerk, bank
Assistant, services, customer (bank)
Officer, service, customer (building society)
Cashier, bank
Officer, commercial (building society)
Clerk (building society)
Master, sub-post
Adviser, banking
Clerk (bank)
Official, bank
Associate, bank
Officer, securities (banking)
Adviser, sales (bank)
Supervisor, service, customer (bank)
Officer-in-charge (sub-post office)
Manager, counter (post office)
Assistant, inspector's (banking)
Master, post, sub
Assistant, controller (banking)
Officer, services, customer (bank)
Employee, bank
Superintendent (PO)
Assistant, office, post
Assistant, services, customer (building society)
Representative, services, customer (building society)
Clerk, banking (building society)
Adviser, branch (bank)
Officer, postal (PO)
Assistant, services, client (building society)
Adviser, customer (bank)
Clerk, service, customer (building society)
Supervisor, service, customer (building society)
Supervisor, claims
Assistant, postal (PO)
Assistant, principal (building society)
Assistant, principal (bank)
Assistant, clerical (building society)
Associate, service, customer (banking)
Controller, lending (bank)
Clerk, services, customer (bank)
Assistant, services, financial (bank)
Adviser, customer (building society)
Officer, services, customer (building society)
Manager, counter (bank)
Assistant, bank
Representative, service, customer (bank)
Assistant, service, customer (building society)
Cashier, society, building
Adviser, phonebank
Adviser, banking, telephone
Assistant, services, client (bank)
Supervisor (bank)
Adviser, services, customer (building society)
Clerk, banking (bank)
Processor, cash
Counsellor (building society)

Education background

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