Book-keepers, payroll managers and wages clerks


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Book-keepers, payroll managers and wages clerks maintain and balance records of financial transactions, oversee the operation of payroll functions and calculate hours worked, wages due and other relevant contributions and deductions.


There are no minimum academic requirements, although entrants typically possess GCSEs/S grades or equivalent qualifications, and maths may be required. Training is typically provided on-the-job. NVQs/SVQs in relevant areas are available, and apprenticeships may be available in some areas.

Typical tasks

  • records and checks accuracy of daily financial transactions;
  • prepares provisional balances and reconciles these with appropriate accounts;
  • supervises payroll team and develops payroll systems and procedures;
  • calculates and records hours worked, wages due, deductions and voluntary contributions;
  • processes holiday, sick and maternity pay and travel and subsistence expenses;
  • compiles schedules and distributes or arranges distribution of wages and salaries;
  • calculates costs and overheads and prepares analyses for management.

Common job titles

Clerk, keeping, book
Auditor, night
Administrator, ledger
Associate, accounts
Clerk, pay
Clerk, payroll
Administrator, holding, fund
Clerk, ledger
Clerk, wage
Assistant, services, payroll
Clerk, payable, accounts
Controller, accounts
Bookkeeper, chief
Clerk, audit
Clerk, control, accounts
Supervisor, accounting
Controller, ledger
Officer, wages and control (coal mine)
Inspector, accounts
Clerk, account
Manager, payroll
Auditor, internal
Clerk, wages
Assistant, ledger
Accountant, financial (coal mine)
Manager, ledger, purchase
Supervisor, payroll
Assistant, accountant's
Clerk, wages and accounts
Accountant, group
Investigator, accounts
Administrator, payroll
Keeper, ledger
Clerk, accountancy
Controller, ledger, bought
Supervisor, wages
Manager, invoice
Clerk, invoicing
Clerk, book-keeping
Clerk, accounts
Accountant, barracks
Assistant, payroll
Administrator, accounts
Administrator, wages
Officer, accounts
Manager, wages
Assistant, wages
Controller, account
Supervisor, ledger
Accountant, cost and works
Clerk, accountant's
Manager, payroll and pensions
Assistant, accounts
Supervisor, payable, accounts
Controller, wages
Keeper, book, chief
Keeper, book
Officer, control, payroll
Supervisor, accounts
Clerk, salaries
Controller, payroll
Controller, ledger, purchase
Clerk, invoice
Accountant, management
Officer, payroll
Administrator, pay
Assistant, salaries
Accountant, cost
Officer, salaries
Assistant, accountancy
Accountant and auditor
Master, pay
Officer, wages
Controller, invoice
Supervisor, audit
Accountant, barrack
Assistant, account
Assistant, clerical, accounts
Checker, invoice
Accountant, works

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.