Bricklayers and masons


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Bricklayers and masons erect and repair structures of stone, brick and similar materials and cut, shape and polish granite, marble, slate and other stone for building, ornamental and other purposes.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, though GCSEs/S grades are advantageous. Entry is typically through an apprenticeship or traineeship approved by ConstructionSkills leading to an NVQ/SVQ in General Construction at Level 3.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings, photographs and specifications to determine job requirements;
  • marks and cuts stone using hammers, mallet and hand or pneumatic chisels;
  • spreads mortar on foundations and bricks, and places, levels and aligns bricks in mortar bed;
  • uses hand and power tools to shape, trim, carve, cut letters in and polish stone;
  • levels, aligns and embeds stone in mortar and faces brick, concrete or steel frame with stone to make and repair structures.

Common job titles

Builder, oven
Engraver, letter
Liner, ladle
Polisher, lathe (stone dressing)
Maker, tank, slate
Repairer, cupola
Engraver (monumental masons)
Splitter (mine: not coal: above ground)
Grinder, stone, lithographic
Waller, dry
Waller, stone, dry
Fixer, mason's, stone
Builder, stove
Cutter, slate
Worker, mill, slate
Maker, stone, kerb (mine: not coal)
Setter, fixture
Hand, banker
Man, trumpet
Polisher, granite
Man, slab
Maker, stone, grave
Patcher, vessel
Builder, arch, brick
Worker, trowel
Builder, box (PO)
Hand, mason
Worker, slate, enamelled
Mason (coal mine)
Builder, sewer
Repairer, oven
Builder, kiln, brick
Mason, monumental
Machinist, stone
Trimmer (mine: not coal)
Builder, furnace
Setter, retort
Grinder, stone
Bricker, mould
Mason, quarry
Stoneman (stone dressing)
Turner (stone dressing)
Setter, block
Worker, serpentine
Drafter, stone
Polisher (stone dressing)
Mason, banker
Polisher, marble
Builder, chimney
Dresser, slate
Layer, block (blast furnace)
Maker, gravestone
Miner, wall
Fixer, range
Builder, cupola
Layer, floor, stone
Fixer, marble
Blaster, sand (monumental masons)
Maker, slab (mine: not coal)
Repairer, kiln
Ditcher, stone
Carver, architectural
Carver, stone
Maker, kerb
Engraver, monumental
Facer (stone dressing)
Mason, fixer
Installer, refractory
Maker, slate
Planer, slate
Man, saw
Pointer (building construction)
Patcher, cupola (steelworks)
Maker, trumpet (steelworks)
Engraver, stone
Builder, millstone
Fixer, boiler
Maker, sett
Engineer, refractory
Repairer, furnace
Cutter, sett
Dresser (stone dressing)
Reliner (steelworks)
Layer, brick
Dresser, sett
Mason, stone
Worker, marble
Pointer, brick
Blockman (mine: not coal)
Archer, brick
Patcher, oven
Splitter, slate
Fettler, cupola
Maker, stone, oil
Dresser, kerb
Polisher, slate
Mason, walling
River (mine: not coal)
Tooler, stone
Planer, stone
Cutter, stone
Bricker, ladles (iron works)
Builder, retort
Dresser, stone
Contractor, bricklaying
Hedger, stone
Cutter, letter (monumental masons)
Carver, monumental
Dresser, wallstone
Builder, manhole
Setter, brick
Dresser (mine: not coal)
Maker, segment
Maker, stone, pulp
Liner, furnace
Polisher, stone
Repairer, chimney
Sawyer, slate
Machinist, splitting, stone