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Brokers deal in commodities, stocks, shares and foreign exchange on behalf of clients or on own account, broker insurance and reinsurance, and buy and sell shipping and freight space.


There are no formal academic requirements although many employers require entrants to possess a degree or equivalent qualification. Training is typically undertaken in-house, although entrants may attend courses run by professional institutions. Registration with a regulatory authority may be required in some positions.

Typical tasks

  • advises client on the suitability of particular insurance schemes and places insurance on behalf of client;
  • discusses buying and or selling requirements of client and gives advice accordingly;
  • analyses information concerning market trends for commodities, financial assets and foreign exchange and advises client and employer on the suitability of a particular investment;
  • records and transmits buy and sell orders for stocks, shares and bonds and calculates transaction costs;
  • provides independent advice on the suitability of insurance schemes and places insurance on behalf of client;
  • arranges for the production of auction catalogues, fixes reserve prices, attends auction and bids on behalf of client, or negotiates purchase/sale by private treaty of goods not sold at auction;
  • obtains cargo space, fixes freight charges and signs and issues bills of loading;
  • collects freight charges from client and undertakes all necessary formalities concerning customs and the loading/unloading of cargo.

Common job titles

Broker (wholesale, retail trade)
Broker, jewel
Member of the Stock Exchange
Trader, derivatives
Administrator, swaps
Broker, air
Broker, mortgage
Dealer, exchange, foreign
Broker, commodities
Broker, stock
Broker, yacht
Trader, market, money (banking)
Jobber, stock
Broker, diamond
Dealer, money
Broker, bill
Broker, commodity
Associate, securities
Broker, discount
Dealer, bond
Trader (stock exchange)
Trader (stockbrokers)
Trader, equity
Broker, stock and share
Broker, tea
Executive, trading, commodities
Trader, financial
Broker, business
Trader, stock
Trader, options
Broker, financial
Broker, marine
Broker, bullion
Jobber, stock and share
Broker, exchange
Broker, Lloyd's
Salesman (investment broking)
Supervisor, swaps
Trader, futures
Dealer, investment
Trader, bond
Agent, Lloyd's
Agent, metal
Broker, exchange, foreign
Broker, produce
Consultant, commodity
Broker, money
Dealer, share
Broker, ship
Broker, licensed
Broker, share
Trader, securities
Broker, insurance
Keeper, position
Broker, investment
Trader, exchange, foreign
Dealer, stock and share
Administrator, investment
Trader, commodity

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.