Business and related associate professionals n.e.c.


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Job holders in this unit group advise on the effectiveness of an organisation’s procedures, systems and methods and perform other business and related functions not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 353: Business, Finance and Related Associate Professionals.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, although entrants typically possess GCSEs/S grades, A levels/H grades, a BTEC/SQA award or equivalent qualifications. Professional qualifications are available and may be required by some employers.

Typical tasks

  • studies particular department or problem area and assesses its interrelationships with other activities;
  • studies work methods and procedures by measuring work involved and computing standard times for specified activities, and produces report detailing suggestions for increasing efficiency and lowering costs;
  • analyses project components, organises them into a logical sequence and establishes the minimum time required for the project;
  • purchases services, receives payment from clients, processes contracts and deals with contractual arrangements;
  • canvasses political opinion, writes and distributes leaflets, writes and distributes press releases and other such material to promote the image and policies of a political party or election candidate, arranges fund raising activities, and organises and participates in election campaigns.

Common job titles

Officer, o and m
Consultant, aviation
Officer, trial, clinical
Agent, political
Officer, support, project
Investigator, o and m
Consultant, o and m
Adviser, ballot
Analyst, coding, clinical
Coordinator, translation
Officer, production, technical
Inspector, room, standards
Assistant, measurement, work
Counsellor, business
Officer, evaluation, job
Controller, site
Analyst, tachograph
Agent, party (political party)
Coordinator, improvement, continuous
Assistant, project, research
Consultant, organisation and methods
Engineer, study, time
Officer, knowledge
Analyst, forecast
Expert, efficiency, business
Analyst, study, work
Officer, trials, clinical
Administrator, trials, clinical
Consultant, contracts
Specialist, o and m
Coordinator, relations, trade
Officer, research, operational
Expert, study, time
Consultant, study, works
Engineer, methods
Investigator, organisation and method
Consultant, research, operational
Officer, workshops (MOD)
Officer, methods
Administrator, committee
Consultant, transport
Analyst, methods
Engineer, time and study
Executive, management, yield
Executive, company, oil
Officer, governance, clinical
Officer, services, productivity (gas supplier)
Officer, contract (building construction)
Man, study, work
Assistant, systems, information, geographical
Analyst, data
Officer, measurement, work
Officer, investment (local government)
Leader, team
Officer, lottery
Officer, planning, strategic
Engineer, standards
Consultant, marine
Forecaster, network
Planner, business
Analyst, system, business
Fixer, rate
Officer, patents
Practitioner, study, works
Planner, strategic
Assistant, compliance (banking)
Consultant, transportation
Assistant, planning
Analyst, systems, office
Analyst, research, operational
Officer, studies, clinical
Adviser, cellar (catering)
Assistant, trial, clinical
Officer, coding, clinical
Consultant, political
Inspector, practice, standard
Analyst, market
Coordinator, projects
Agent, commission
Officer, technical
Associate, licensing
Analyst, information, management
Agent, commercial
Analyst, organisation and methods
Agent, election
Officer, support, business
Manager, services, corporate
Consultant, defence
Officer, organisation and methods
Assistant, methods
Coder, clinical
Agent, trademark
Officer, support, risk
Adviser, marine
Officer, liaison (manufacturing)
Setter, rate
Forecaster, sales
Officer, management, time
Analyst, o and m
Controller, sub-contracts (building construction)
Administrator, PMO
Assistant, trials, clinical
Assessor, study, work
Consultant, chain, supply
Administrator, project
Adviser, political
Assistant, GIS
Engineer, study, method
Officer, study, work
Evaluator, job
Consultant, bloodstock
Controller, sub-contracts
Analyst, systems, business
Coordinator, contracts
Analyst, GIS
Engineer, study, work
Agent, bloodstock
Officer, review, performance
Manager, package, work
Adviser, contract
Officer, organisation (government)
Investigator, study, work
Engineer, value
Analyst, systems, information, geographical
Adviser, traffic
Administrator, trial, clinical
Officer, data, GIS
Officer, management, knowledge
Officer, GIS, assistant
Analyst, value
Analyst, logistics
Coordinator, project
Consultant, leisure
Officer, contract (manufacturing)
Officer, contracts (manufacturing)
Officer, contracts (building construction)
Engineer, measurement, work
Coordinator, licensing
Coordinator, research
Analyst (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory)
Analyst, time and motion
Adviser, transport
Analyst, management
Analyst, performance
Consultant, logistics
Consultant, printing
Fixer, price
Specialist, organisation and methods
Executive, registration
Officer, improvement, continuous
Agent, parliamentary
Officer, information, management

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.