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Caretakers supervise and undertake the care and maintenance of church, school, office and other buildings, their facilities, fixtures and contents.


No academic qualifications are required. Previous relevant experience may be needed, and training is provided in some areas. Background checks will be required for those whose job brings them into contact with children or vulnerable adults.

Typical tasks

  • locks and unlocks doors and entrances at appropriate times;
  • supervises and/or undertakes the cleaning and maintenance of premises;
  • controls heating, lighting and security systems;
  • undertakes minor repairs and notifies owner of need for major repairs;
  • checks fire and safety equipment for adequate functioning.

Common job titles

Assistant, keeper's, hall (local government)
Warden, park, caravan
Manager, site (educational establishments)
Assistant, keeper's, school
Keeper, church
Warden, castle
Officer, premises
Keeper, house, resident
Supervisor, site (educational establishments)
Officer, services, site (educational establishments)
Warden (police service)
Custodian, castle
Warden (lodging house)
Keeper, chapel
Assistant, caretaker's
Warden (hostel)
Attendant, building
Keeper, cemetery
Warden (caravan site)
Keeper, office
Assistant, premises
Porter (college)
Keeper, house
Taker, care
Officer, site (educational establishments)
Porter (schools)
Warden, site, caravan
Attendant, synagogue
Keeper, ground, burial
Superintendent, precinct
Keeper, mortuary
Superintendent, house, nos
Supervisor, services, building (educational establishment)
Warden (nurse's home)
Warden, barrack
Warden, station
Keeper, school
Superintendent, school
Warden (government)
Keeper, hall
Attendant, hall, town
Keeper, door
Superintendent, building
Manager, site, school
Keeper, house (property management)
Keeper, court
Superintendent, hall, town
Warden, camp
Manager, premises, school
Porter, college