Carpenters and joiners


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Carpenters and joiners construct, erect, install and repair wooden structures and fittings used in internal and external frameworks and cut, shape, fit and assemble wood to make templates, jigs, scale models and scenic equipment for theatres.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, though GCSEs/S grades are advantageous. Entry is typically through an apprenticeship or traineeship approved by ConstructionSkills leading to an NVQ/SVQ in General Construction at Level 3.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings and specifications to determine job requirements;
  • selects and measures appropriate wood and cuts, shapes and drills to specification using saws, planes, chisels and other power or hand tools;
  • aligns and fixes prepared wood pieces by screwing, nailing, gluing and dowelling to form frames, shop fronts, counter units, decking, theatrical sets, furniture, small wooden craft, scale models and wooden templates;
  • checks accuracy of work with square, rule and spirit level;
  • maintains and repairs woodwork and fittings.

Common job titles

Carpenter and joiner
Fitter, office
Modeller, architectural
Builder, staircase
Contractor, carpentry
Fixer (carpentry and joinery)
Maker, frame, bed
Maker, frame (box spring mattress mfr)
Installer, kitchen
Maker, model, exhibition
Loftsman and scriever
Installer, bedroom
Maker, step
Erector, shuttering
Maker, model
Maker, model, ship's
Manufacturer, door
Shutterer (building construction)
Fitter, stand
Maker, shutter
Fitter, kitchen
Joiner, fitter's, shop
Maker, model (toy mfr)
Fitter, bank
Manufacturer, kitchen
Hand, bench (joinery mfr)
Maker, pattern (plastics goods mfr)
Fitter, bedroom
Maker, template
Maker, casement
Manufacturer, model
Manufacturer, bedroom
Maker, model, architectural
Man, bench (joinery mfr)
Manufacturer (joinery mfr)
Erector, partitioning, office
Erector, exhibition
Manufacturer, joinery
Erector, hoarding
Joiner, bench
Maker, frame, window
Fitter, bar (hotels, public houses fitting)
Maker, truss (joinery mfr)
Fitter, exhibition
Fitter, shop
Fitter, shop and office
Maker, door
Maker, template, wooden
Maker, model, wood
Joiner, builder's
Joiner, aircraft

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.