Chartered and certified accountants


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Jobholders in this unit group provide accounting and auditing services, advise clients on financial matters, collect and analyse financial information and perform other accounting duties required by management for the planning and control of an establishment’s income and expenditure.


Entrants usually possess a degree or equivalent qualification. To qualify as an accountant, entrants must undertake a period of training within an approved organisation and successfully complete professional examinations. Exemptions to some professional examinations are available to those with appropriate academic qualifications.

Typical tasks

  • plans and oversees implementation of accountancy system and policies;
  • prepares financial documents and reports for management, shareholders, statutory or other bodies;
  • audits accounts and book-keeping records;
  • prepares tax returns, advises on tax problems and contests disputed claim before tax official;
  • conducts financial investigations concerning insolvency, fraud, possible mergers, etc.;
  • evaluates financial information for management purposes;
  • liaises with management and other professionals to compile budgets and other costs;
  • prepares periodic accounts, budgetary reviews and financial forecasts;
  • conducts investigations and advises management on financial aspects of productivity, stock holding, sales, new products, etc.

Common job titles

Accountant (government)
Accountant, cost and management
Consultant, accountancy
Examiner, insolvency
Accountant-secretary (coal mine)
Auditor and accountant
Practitioner, insolvency
Accountant, cost
Clerk, articled (accountancy)
Accountant, borough
Accountant, fund
Accountant, treasury
Officer, expenditure (coal mine)
Accountant, chief
Consultant, accounting
Receiver, official
Administrator, insolvency
Receiver (Board of Trade)
Auditor, internal
Executive, audit
Examiner, bankruptcy
Accountant, bank
Accountant, incorporated
Accountant, forensic
Officer, development, cost (coal mine)
Consultant, cost
Accountant, chartered
Accountant, cost and works
Examiner, audit (DETR)
Executive, finance, corporate
Accountant, district
Manager, insolvency
Auditor, chief (coal mine)
Accountant, group
Liquidator, company
Adviser, technical
Accountant, certified
Accountant, branch
Accountant, company
Clerk, audit
Accountant, principal
Accountant, financial
Accountant, chief, group
Auditor (government)
Accountant, management, chartered
Controller, unit, business
Controller, financial
Accountant, financial (coal mine,
Consultant, audit
Accountant, works
Inspector of audits (DETR)
Auditor (local government)
Accountant, management

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.