Chartered architectural technologists


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Chartered architectural technologists provide architectural design services, negotiate construction projects and manage the development of projects from conception to completion.


Chartered status requires an accredited degree and membership of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists. Professional practice also entails structured Continuing Professional Development.

Typical tasks

  • develops construction project briefs and design programmes;
  • advises clients on methods of project procurement and forms of contract;
  • advises on environmental, regulatory and legal requirements and assesses environmental impact;
  • prepares and presents design proposals and manages and coordinates design team;
  • monitors compliance with design, statutory and professional requirements, undertakes stage inspections;
  • administers contracts and certification and manages project handover;
  • evaluates and advises on refurbishment, recycling and deconstruction of buildings;
  • manages health and safety and carries out design stage risk assessments.

Common job titles

Technologist, architectural