Chemical and related process operatives


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Job holders in this unit group operate plant and machinery in the processing of chemical and related materials by chemical, heat or other treatment, manufacture synthetic materials and bleach, dye or otherwise treat textiles, and treat hides, skins and pelts for making into fur, leather and skin products.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, although some employers require entrants to possess GCSEs/S grades. Training is typically received on-the-job, supplemented by specialised training courses. NVQs/SVQs in Process Operations are available at Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • loads prescribed quantities of ingredients into plant equipment, starts operational cycle, monitors instruments and gauges indicating conditions affecting the operation of the plant and adjusts controls as necessary;
  • prepares dye, bleaching, water repellent, fixing salt and other chemical solutions to finish and treat textiles;
  • regulates input of polymer into melting unit, extrudes polymer, gathers extruded filaments and feeds strands through rolling, cutting and treatment units to produce synthetic fibre;
  • operates kilns, furnaces and ovens to produce charcoal, coke and other carbon products;
  • operates machines to coat film and tape with sensitising material and otherwise impregnate materials by immersion, split and mould mica and produce asbestos pipes and sheets;
  • cuts and trims skins, hides and pelts, removes wool, hair, flesh and other waste material, and washes, limes, tans, dyes and otherwise treats hides for making into leather, skin and fur products;
  • withdraws samples for quality control testing, removes and regulates discharge of batch material upon completion of processing.

Common job titles

Mixer, ink
Maker, paste (chemical mfr)
Foreman, chemical
Attendant, gear, extractor (gas works)
Foreman (leather dressing)
Washer, benzole
Maker, saline
Beaterman (celluloid mfr)
Maker, size
Hand, mill, ink
Maker, ointment
Worker, colour (paint mfr)
Worker, process (Atomic Energy Authority)
Watcher, calciner
Worker, process (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Worker, soap
Man, house, still (distillery)
Dyer, colour
Hand, furnace (charcoal mfr)
Operator, producer, gas
Foreman, heat (gas works)
Man, kiln (chemical mfr)
Plater (fertiliser mfr)
Worker, process (coal gas, coke ovens)
Operator, tunnel
Driver, machine (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Cutter (tannery)
Assistant, mixer's, colour
Machinist (tannery)
Grinder, paint
Attendant, instrument (chemical mfr)
Dryer, glue
Finisher, dyers
Machinist, dressing, pelt
Operator, evaporator (chemical mfr)
Grinder (chemical mfr)
Operator, glazing
Grinder, gelatine
Man, extractor, fat
Operator, burner, kiln (carbon goods mfr)
Superintendent, refinery
Technician, room, control (gas supplier)
Foreman, shed (tannery)
Cleaner (fellmongering)
Dyer, black (textile mfr)
Worker, glycerine
Superintendent, works, gas
Regenerator, oil (coal gas production)
Dresser (fur dressing)
Mixer, depolariser
Mixer, powder, fluorescent
Boiler, gum (textile bleaching, dyeing)
Operator, mixing
Machinist, buffing (leather dressing)
Operator, refinery
Man, stillroom (distillery)
Maker, fertilizer
Mixer, glue
Maker, varnish, head
Mixer, starch
Grinder, soap, dry
Man, bench (chemical mfr)
Man, kiln (composition die mfr)
Boiler, tar (gas works)
Grinder, carbide
Attendant, vat (textile bleaching, dyeing)
Fireman (oil refining)
Maker, petroleum
Operator, extruder (chemical mfr)
Operator, milling (soap, detergent mfr)
Proofer, dry
Dyer, master
Machinist (synthetics mfr)
Machinist, powder, soap
Worker, installation (oil refining)
Foreman (oil refining)
Filterer (chemical mfr)
Attendant, tar and liquor
Skewerer (textile bleaching, dyeing)
Stockman (manufacturing: leather dressing)
Presser, powder (chemical mfr)
Mixer, carbide, tungsten
Worker, process (printing ink mfr)
Cutter, sheet, asbestos
Man, machine (asbestos composition goods mfr)
Mixer (textile mfr: textile proofing)
Worker, process (photographic film mfr)
Potter (celluloid mfr)
Foreman, spinning (man-made fibre mfr)
Burnerman, acid
Dyer, yarn
Operator, hydro-extractor (tannery)
Grainer (leather dressing)
Soaker, lime
Stoker, retort (coal gas production)
Operator, centrifuge
Parer (leather dressing)
Machinist, frizing (tannery)
Operator, manifold
Man, evaporator (chemical mfr)
Operator, disintegrator
Panelman (oil refining)
Proofer, yarn
Worker, shed (tannery)
Dyer, fur
Attendant, oven (coke ovens)
Attendant, filtration
Melter, grease
Hand, milling (soap, detergent mfr)
Maker, sulphate
Sensitiser, film
Refiner (chemical mfr)
Maker, soap
Man, dreep (coal gas by-products mfr)
Firer (chemical mfr)
Machinist, grinding (paint mfr)
Stover (leather dressing)
Whizzerman (chemical mfr)
Man, mill, paint
Labourer, dyer's
Burner, gas (coal gas, coke ovens)
Grader (chemical mfr)
Machinist, rotary (textile bleaching, dyeing)
Operator, autoclave (chemical mfr)
Mixer, fluid (engineering)
Staker (leather dressing)
Finisher, leather
Attendant, storage, liquor
Man, wax
Maker, acid
Foreman, purification (gas supplier)
Operative, house, dye (textile mfr)
Screener, paint
Egger and washer
Machinist, coating
Melter, fat
Mixer, paste, lead
Ovenman (japanning, enamelling)
Foreman, stage (gas works)
Dyer, brush (leather dressing)
Worker, nylon (nylon mfr)
Cutter, skin (tannery)
Maker, salt
Blender, coal (coke ovens)
Worker, acid
Worker, yard, tan
Dipper (leather dressing)
Machinist (leather dressing)
Man, chlorate of soda
Helper, worker's, process
Polisher, brush
Operator, plant, sterilising
Houseman, cylinder
Operator, capsulation
Maker, dioxide, carbon
Foreman, oven
Mixer, explosives
Attendant, burner
Maker, tablet (pharmaceutical mfr)
Operator, process (chemical mfr)
Worker, explosive
Coater (photographic film mfr)
Foreman (soap, detergent mfr)
Man, plant (chemical mfr)
Machinist, tableting
Piecer (leather dressing)
Stripper, film
Maker, fibre, man-made
Picker (hat mfr)
Manufacturer (cosmetics mfr)
Generator, acetylene
Operator, plant, cracker (oil refining)
Dyer, fustian
Maker, resin
Spinner, rayon
Strainer (tannery)
Boiler, oil
Layer-up (tannery)
Refiner (candle mfr)
Worker, salt
Maker, capsule (drug mfr)
Boiler, soap
Foreman (paint mfr)
Maker, fibre, synthetic
Emptier (charcoal mfr)
Coater, paper
Oiler, mould
Dyer, jig
Attendant, house, filter
Machinist, jigging
Furnaceman (oil refining)
Dyer, operative
Oiler, skin
Burner, kiln (carbon goods mfr)
Maker, filament, continuous
Mixer, compound
Worker, rayon
Maker, perfumery
Attendant, plant, ammonia
Attendant, purifier
Maker, spirit
Operator, room, drum
Setter (tannery)
Dresser, skin
Spinner, polyester
Machinist, splitting (tannery)
Puller (fellmongering)
Gilder (leather dressing)
Worker, cordite
Foreman, screens (gas works: coke ovens)
Waxer (leather dressing)
Reeler (textile mfr: textile bleaching, dyeing)
Maker, slip (pencil, crayon mfr)
Mixer (accumulator, battery mfr)
Moulder, pipe
Fireman (coal gas, coke ovens)
Sprayer, leather
Stoker, gas
Worker, process (chemical mfr)
Dryer (soap, detergent mfr)
Machinist, film, cellulose
Dyer, warp
Grinder, colour
Finisher, caustic
Worker, galenical
Scourer (leather dressing)
Neutraliser (chemical mfr)
Worker, plant, gas
Fireman (pencil, crayon mfr)
Grinder, carbon (crucible mfr)
Screener (chemical mfr)
Heaterman (patent fuel mfr)
Worker, sheepskin
Fireman, gas
Slicker (leather dressing)
Worker, filtration, red (aluminium refining)
Roller, bend (tannery)
Miller, dyewood
Operator, column (oxygen mfr)
Mixer, emulsion
Stoker, plant, gas
Maker, carbon (carbon goods mfr)
Boiler, glue
Cleanser (soap, detergent mfr)
Operator, densification
Attendant, still
Spinner, acetate
Man, cake, salt
Starcher (textile finishing)
Recoverer, acetone
Attendant, house, retort
Man, mill (chemical mfr)
Machinist (salt mfr)
Cleaner, sponge
Inspector, coke (coke ovens)
Machinist, casting (transparent cellulose wrappings mfr)
Ironer (leather dressing)
Dyer, piece
Screener, coke (coke ovens)
Waller (salt mfr)
Bruiser (leather dressing)
Blender, varnish
Putter-on (glue mfr)
Burner, furnace, rotary (aluminium refining)
Dyer, cop
Worker, bleach (textile mfr)
Man, mill (leather dressing)
Proofer (clothing mfr)
Washer, skin (fellmongering)
Manufacturer (chemical mfr)
Dyer, garment
Limer (fellmongering)
Attendant, plant, cooling, dry
Maker, gas
Operator, benzole
Superintendent, works (gas supplier)
Clipper (tannery)
Worker, process (nuclear fuel production)
Dryer, gelatine
Attendant, plant, chlorination
Carboniser (gas works)
Maker, pipe, asbestos
Mixer, dye
Presser (leather dressing)
Cutter, soap
Assistant, refiner's
Worker, chemical
Toggler (leather dressing)
Oilman, engine
Spinner, silk, artificial
Furnaceman (lead pencil, chalk, crayon mfr)
Foreman (tannery)
Worker, tannery
Jigger (textile bleaching, dyeing)
Hand, mill, finishing
Cutter, sponge
Man, converter (chemical mfr)
Machinist (photographic film mfr)
Conditioner (tannery)
Attendant, plant, retort
Finisher (leather dressing)
Man, mixer (textile mfr)
Presser (chemical mfr)
Machinist (textile mfr: textile bleaching, dyeing)
Attendant, kiln (glaze and colour mfr)
Furnaceman, graphitising
Embosser (leather dressing)
Mixer, resin
Bleacher and dyer
Cutter (glue mfr)
Fractionator (chemical mfr)
Operator, oven, coke
Foreman (patent fuel mfr)
Operator, plant, chemical
Pickler (tannery)
Strainer (textile printing)
Operator, still
Melter, emulsion
Processor, pharmaceutical
Bleacher, yarn
Dryer (chemical mfr)
Pumpman (shale oil refining)
Bunkerman (chemical mfr)
Splitter (leather dressing)
Man, viscose (man-made fibre mfr)
Hand, mill, tints
Man, dehydrator, tar
Foreman, screen (gas works: coke ovens)
Miller (chemical mfr)
Attendant, oven, drying, cylinder
Mixer, polish, furniture
Dyer, winch
Mixer, lacquer
Maker, pill
Drummer (tannery)
Maker, dye
Stretcher (tannery)
Foreman, yard, tan
Sifter (chemical mfr)
Operator (oil refining)
Attendant, furnace (chemical mfr)
Handler, mud, press, red
Putter-on (photographic plate mfr)
Grinder (patent fuel mfr)
Maker, colour
Worker, digester
Maker, white (wallpaper mfr)
Refiner, paint
Worker, process (oil refining)
Mixer, colour
Maker, crystal
Machinist, cutting (soap, detergent mfr)
Attendant, washer
Operator, plant, distillation
Foreman, mill, blue
Slipper (asbestos-cement mfr)
Miller, paint
Worker, bitumen
Painter, hide (tannery)
Maker, chemicals, fine
Operator, filter, drum, rotary (chemical mfr)
Attendant, plant (chemical mfr)
Foreman, lime
Maker, cream (cosmetic mfr)
Grinder, enamel
Worker, process (pharmaceutical mfr)
Supervisor, process (oil refining)
Presser, carbon
Preparer for dyeing
Dyer, vat
Fireman, pot
Japanner (leather dressing)
Worker, extract (tannery)
Maker, ammunition
Polisher (leather dressing)
Ovenman, coke
Man, catalyst
Operator, mill, sheeting
Maker, enamel
Hand, mill (chemical mfr)
Plater (leather dressing)
Worker, process (ordnance factory)
Foreman (spirit distilling)
Impregnator (asbestos composition goods mfr)
Ovenman (brake linings mfr)
Worker, chlorine, electrolytic
Machinist, casting, film
Man, plant, benzole
Mixer (chemical mfr)
Maker, cosmetic
Maker, grease
Striper (fur dressing)
Worker, products, medicinal
Dropper (oil refining)
Cooler (chemical mfr)
Boiler, acid
Machinist (textile mfr: man-made fibre mfr)
Operator, process (plastics mfr)
Shaver (leather dressing)
Mixer, paint
Corrugator (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Operator, plant, chlorination
Softener (leather dressing)
Maker, oil
Calenderman (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Man, pan (chemical mfr)
Maker, emulsion
Operator, benzol
Operator, technical (chemical mfr)
Boiler, fat
Strainer (chemical mfr)
Man, purification
Coker (coal gas, coke ovens)
Matcher, colour (printing)
Foreman (coke ovens)
Mixer, batch (chemical mfr)
Operator, pumphouse, vacuum (oil refining)
Attendant, oven, gas
Mixer, electrolyte (electric battery mfr)
Setter, leather
Maker, solution
Attendant, plant, acid
Worker, lime
Painter, skin (fellmongering)
Tinter (chemical mfr)
Maker, pigment
Man, condenser
Granulator (chemical mfr)
Handler (tannery)
Maker, carmine
Foreman, house, retort
Recoverer, solvent
Suspender, butt
Marbler (leather dressing)
Worker, process (cement mfr)
Coater, tar (coal gas, coke ovens)
Preparer, starch
Fireman (chemical mfr)
Cutter, leather (tannery)
Man, rectifying
Worker, dye, natural
Spinner, nylon
Assistant, craft (chemical works)
Operator, guide
Operator, plant (oil refining)
Dresser, leather
Dyer, hank
Printer, nos (leather dressing)
Squeezer (textile bleaching, dyeing)
Man, mixer, slag, tar
Striker, colour
Maker, acetate
Operator, pan, vacuum (chemical mfr)
Fireman, retort
Foreman (chemical mfr)
Trimmer (leather dressing)
Hand, explosive
Hand, trowel (cement mfr)
Spinner, viscose
Operator, treatment, heat
Wheeler, wet (leather dressing)
Operative, dyer's
Boiler, size
Foreman, purifier, gas
Attendant, heat
Jigger (leather dressing)
Dryer, colour (dyestuffs mfr)
Worker, carbide
Tinter, paint
Man, still
Cleaner, bone
Man, lime
Jobber (leather dressing)
Stover, seasoning
Machinist, setting (leather dressing)
Furnaceman, barium
Foreman (textile mfr: man-made fibre mfr)
Labourer, house, dye
Burner (chemical mfr)
Man, kiln, char
Worker, refinery, oil
Maker, starch (textile mfr)
Worker, process (explosives mfr)
Painter (tannery)
Man, gelatine (explosives mfr)
Crusher, calamine
Man, kiln, carbon
Coater, celluloid (film mfr)
Loader (charcoal mfr)
Maker, lead, red
Attendant, plant, breeze
Machinist, cutting
Turner (leather dressing)
Washer (fellmongering)
Worker, house, dye (textile mfr)
Grinder, bone
Machinist (chemical mfr)
Heater, retort (chemical mfr)
Hand, installation (oil refining)
Maker, chloride, ammonium
Operator, plant, gas
Machinist, paint (paint mfr)
Supervisor (oil refining)
Tubber (leather dressing)
Drawer, kiln (chemical mfr)
Foreman, kiln (carbon goods mfr)
Oiler (leather dressing)
Man, drum (tannery)
Worker, process (leather mfr)
Heater (coal gas, coke ovens)
Superintendent (gas supplier)
Worker, gas
Hand, boiling, soap
Hand, filtration (chemical mfr)
Comber (fur dressing)
Machinist, brushing (leather dressing)
Mixer, soap
Attendant, retort (coal gas, coke ovens)
Man, pan, acid
Heater, oven, coke
Mixer, enamel
Operator, reproduction (atomic energy establishment)
Attendant, chlorination
Mixer (pencil, crayon mfr)
Operator, process (pharmaceutical mfr)
Boiler, salt
Operator, plant, oxygen
Worker, process (plastics mfr)
Maker, polish
Brightener, oil
Scourer, grease
Technician, process (chemical mfr)
Washer (tannery)
Breaker, slag
Trimmer, asbestos
Worker, process (lubricating oil mfr)
Attendant, condenser
Mixer, oil
Superintendent, plant (refinery)
Assembler, cell (chemical mfr)
Puller, wool (fellmongering)
Stoker (coal gas, coke ovens)
Brusher (leather finishing)
Maker, corticine
Blender, batch
Impregnator, armature
Proofer, water (textile mfr)
Foreman (dyeworks)
Stripper and setter (soap, detergent mfr)
Attendant, evaporator
Doubler (textile mfr: textile bleaching, dyeing)
Maker, oxide, lead
Washer (chemical mfr)
Foreman, battery (coke ovens)
Wheeler (leather dressing)
Operator, plant, sedimentation (chemical mfr)
Foreman, polish
Attendant, plant, water
Blender, colour (chemical mfr)
Worker, oven, coke
Man, cellroom
Shearer (leather dressing)
Manufacturer, chemical
Man, tar (coal gas by-products mfr)
Skiver (leather dressing)
Dyer, fibre
Hand, set
Worker, autoclave (aluminium refining)
Bander (textile mfr: textile bleaching, dyeing)
Operator, vessel, reaction
Washer, coke
Attendant, producer, gas
Lifter, butt
Attendant, centrifugal (chemical mfr)
Presser (patent fuel mfr)
Dyer, head
Hand, screen (coal gas, coke ovens)
Skinner (tannery)
Superintendent, platform (coal tar distillers)
Operator, mill, ball (chemical mfr)
Man, lump (salt mfr)
Presser (pencil, crayon mfr)
Operator, saw, band (asbestos goods mfr)
Operator, retort (coal gas production)
Soaker (leather dressing)
Manufacturer (leather mfr)
Supervisor, process (explosives mfr)
Dyer, glove
Worker, process (soap, detergent mfr)
Trimmer, sponge
Worker, magazine
Operator, chemical
Boiler, starch
Foreman, plant, crushing
Maker, lime
Roller, belly
Furnaceman (gas works)
Worker, process (toilet preparations mfr)
Foreman, plant, carbonisation
Fireman (composition die mfr)
Burner, chalk
Mixer, chemicals (textile mfr)
Maker, tallow
Man, retort (charcoal mfr)
Man, acid
Machinist, embossing (leather dressing)
Washer, cake (man-made fibre mfr)
Maker, composition
Attendant, house, boiling
Foreman, plant, reforming
Dyer, hat
Maker, ink
Haulier, butt
Operator, autoclave (asbestos composition goods mfr)
Worker, plant (chemical mfr)
Worker, process (adhesive and sealants mfr)
Operator, gas
Dyer, skein
Foreman, process
Grinder, ink
Operator, kettle (chemical mfr)
Worker, whiting
Hand, bench (chemical mfr)
Salter (tannery)
Man, filter (chemical mfr)
Foreman, room, mill (fur dressing)
Tapper (carbide mfr)
Foreman (coal gas by-products mfr)
Worker, process (cellulose film mfr)
Shedman (leather dressing)
Foreman (gas supplier: gas works)
Denierer (man-made fibre mfr)
Machinist, carding (fur dressing)
Mixer, chemical (textile mfr)
Dyer, calico
Maker, varnish
Maker, chloroform
Operator, plant, sulphur
Operator, process (oil refining)
Mixer, size (paper mfr)
Miller, soap
Doper (leather dressing)
Foreman (toilet preparations mfr)
Dyer, job
Maker, paint
Splitter, skin
Mixer, clay (paper mfr)
Furnaceman, calcining
Foreman (slag wool mfr)
Helper (salt mfr)
Man, mill, lead
Maker, lacquer
Charger, kiln
Man, suspender
Roller, leather
Presser, brush, carbon
Mixer, dope
Worker, process (tannery)
Dyer, beam
Man, sulphonator
Blender, coal (steel mfr)
Maker, chemical, fine
Maker, paste (paper goods mfr)
Fireman (salt mfr)
Refiner (oil refining)
Worker, plant (coke ovens)
Worker, process (fat recovery)
Operator, process, chemical
Attendant, plant (gas works)
Machinist, staking
Nailer (tannery)
Foreman (ordnance factory: explosive mfr)
Hand, mill, grinding
Man, carbonator
Mixer, cosmetic
Machinist, compressing
Furnaceman (red lead mfr)
Man, stillhouse (distillery)
Converter, polythene
Worker, yard, lime
Man, house, char
Mixer, carbon
Burner (charcoal mfr)
Blender, oil
Attendant (gas works)
Finisher, fur
Extractor (chemical mfr)
Coater, plate, dry
Coater, sugar (pharmaceutical mfr)
Dresser, fur
Attendant, heats
Dyer, hair
Hand, plant, acid
Maker, block, fuel
Coater, tablet
Attendant, mill, wash
Operator, house, dye (textile mfr)
Padder (leather dressing)
Worker, fuseroom (chemical mfr)
Grader, coke
Cutter, gimson (brake linings mfr)
Supervisor, process (chemical mfr)
Man, extractor (chemical mfr)
Maker, briquette
Proofer, water (clothing mfr)
Boiler, grease
Foreman, house, gas
Grinder, wet
Siever (chemical mfr)
Coater, emulsion
Degreaser (tannery)
Finisher (photographic film mfr)
Jobber (textile mfr: textile bleaching, dyeing)
Operator, synthesis (chemical mfr)
Proofer (textile mfr)
Worker, process (textile mfr: man-made fibre mfr)
Bunkerman, kiln (lime burning)
Compressor, tablet
Foreman (textile mfr: bleaching, dyeing)
Man, liquor (leather tanning)
Worker, house, retort (coal gas, coke ovens)
Blender, grease
Attendant, press (chemical mfr)
Dresser (leather dressing)
Machinist (soap, detergent mfr)
Man, kiln (asbestos composition goods mfr)
Worker, leather (leather dressing)
Foreman, retort (gas works)
Machinist, filter
Worker, process (paint mfr)
Operator, extrusion (chemical mfr)
Gasman (gas works)
Scutcher (textile mfr: textile bleaching, dyeing)
Miller, solvent
Foreman (blue and starch mfr)
Maker, cellulose
Man, oxidiser
Splitter, mica
Mixer (composition die mfr)
Foreman, carbonising (coal gas, coke ovens)
Drum and cagehand (tannery)
Grinder, slag
Miller, madder
Blender, liquor
Puller (fur dressing)
Dyer, clothes
Grinder, resin
Man, table (leather dressing)
Attendant, plant, grading, coke
Attendant, plant, sulphate
Dryer (tannery)
Operator, plant, benzole
Maker, powder
Paster (leather dressing)
Thinner (varnish mfr)
Foreman, plant, gas
Attendant, plant, tar
Operator, mill, pug
Worker, process (patent fuel mfr)
Shredder (chemical mfr)
Operator, hydro-extractor (chemical mfr)
Operator, skin and hide
Man, grease
Man, generator
Mixer, solution
Technician, plant (chemical mfr)
Worker, gas, chlorine
Hammerman (leather dressing)
Machinist (plastics mfr)
Foreman, hearth, soak
Machinist, graphite
Spinner (textile mfr: man-made fibre mfr)
Burner, gypsum
Operator, process (man-made fibre mfr)
Attendant, screen (gas works)
Furnaceman (chemical mfr)
Attendant, plant, gas
Attendant, oven (chemical mfr)
Glazer (leather dressing)
Pickler (fellmongering)
Cleaner, hide
Operator, treater (petroleum refining)
Proofer, rot
Dyer, cord
Blender, pigment
Brusher, glove
Mixer, paste (paper goods mfr)
Bunkerman, kiln (chemical mfr)
Man, plant, benzol
Machinist, impregnating (plastics goods mfr)
Splitter, hide
Tenter, jig
Mixer, acid
Maker, mat, sheepskin
Producer, gas
Man, room, still (distillery)
Hand, bleach (textile mfr)
Oiler (varnish mfr)
Man, retort (coal gas, coke ovens)
Matcher, colour (paint mfr)
Strainer (paint mfr)
Worker, paint (paint mfr)
Man, mill (carbon goods mfr)
Worker, coke (coke ovens)
Machinist, hide (leather merchants)
Tinter, enamel (enamel mfr)
Chamberman (chemical mfr)
Dyer, carpet
Worker, process (polish mfr)
Setter, machine (tannery)
Mixer, bleach
Machinist, fleshing
Maker, glue
Operator, plant (chemical mfr)
Foreman (plastics mfr)
Manufacturer, gas
Operator, furnace, electric (enamelling)
Dyer, skin
Operator, plant, benzol
Scrubberman (coke ovens)
Attendant, composition
Dyer, vessel
Maker, lead, white
Man, purifier
Operator, plant (coal gas, coke ovens)
Washer, benzol
Worker, pharmaceutical
Roller (leather dressing)
Attendant, paraffin