Chemical scientists


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Chemical scientists analyse and research physical aspects of chemical structure and change within substances and develop chemical techniques used in the manufacture or modification of natural substances and processed products.


Entrants usually possess a degree. Entry may also be possible with an appropriate BTEC/SQA award, an Advanced GNVQ/GSVQ Level III, or other academic qualifications. Further specialist training is provided on the job. Some employers may expect entrants to gain professional qualifications.

Typical tasks

  • develops experimental procedures, instruments and recording and testing systems;
  • conducts experiments to identify chemical composition, energy and chemical changes in natural substances and processed materials;
  • analyses results and experimental data;
  • tests techniques and processes for reliability under a variety of conditions;
  • develops procedures for quality control of manufactured products.

Common job titles

Chemist, government
Chemist, research and development
Analyst, chief
Chemist, development
Chemist, analytical
Officer, research
Chemist, electroplating
Worker, research
Manager, research
Officer, technical (chemical mfr)
Scientist, research
Chemist, technical
Consultant, chemical
Head, section (chemical mfr)
Officer, sampling, milk
Chemist, works
Chemist, manufacturing
Chemist, laboratory
Chemist, industrial
Analyst, county
Assistant, research
Chemist, research
Chemist, photographic
Chemist, chief
Officer, experimental, chief
Chemist, textile
Doctor of chemistry
Officer, scientific
Chemist, organic
Chemist, polymer
Associate, research
Officer, experimental, senior
Chemist, consulting
Chemist, nuclear
Chemist, metallurgical
Director of research
Chemist, inorganic
Chemist, superintending
Chemist, physical
Chemist, managing
Chemist, shift
Analyst, public

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.