Cleaning and housekeeping managers and supervisors


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Workers in this unit group manage and supervise cleaning and other housekeeping tasks within private households, hotels, schools, hostels and other non-private households, and in offices and other premises.


There are no formal academic requirements, but GCSEs/S grades and/or relevant work experience may be needed in some instances. BTEC certificates and diplomas, NVQs/SVQs and degree level courses are available in relevant areas.

Typical tasks

  • recruits or participates in the selection process for cleaning and housekeeping staff and takes charge of staff training;
  • assigns duties and responsibilities to staff and oversees working rotas;
  • supervises the activities of cleaners and other housekeeping staff and inspects work undertaken;
  • oversees the provision of cleaning and housekeeping supplies;
  • arranges for replacement of broken, defective tools and handles arrangements for repairs to fixtures and fittings;
  • manages budget for cleaning and housekeeping supplies and keeps record of expenditure.

Common job titles

Supervisor, cleaning
Manager, services, linen
Supervisor, housekeeping
Supervisor, room, linen (hospital service)
Keeper, house, hotel
Superintendent (domestic services)
Manager, domestic
Sister, housekeeping
Manager, housekeeping
Manager, cleaning
Leader, team, services, housekeeping
Forewoman (government)
Supervisor, domestic
Supervisor, floor (hotel)
Deputy (lodging house)
Supervisor (cleaning)
Keeper, house, head
Supervisor, bedroom
Supervisor, services, hotel
Manager, services, domestic
Keeper, house (hotel)
Manager (cleaning services)
Manager, room, linen (hospital service)
Leader, team (cleaning)
Keeper, house (schools)
Manager, service, guest
Inspector (office cleaning services)
Supervisor, domestic (hospital service)